1. Vermicompost is one of the best plant fertilizers. let’s know something about this product:
  2. This is the original product by TrustBasket
  3. It helps in improving the soil aeration
  4. This vermicompost enriches the soil with essential microbes that also adds essential enzymes such as phosphatase and cellulase
  5. All the microbial activities in vermicompost are increased by 10 to 20 times than the normal soil microbial activities.
  6. It also helps in attracting the essential microbes that are already present in the soil.

    Description of the Product       

    1. It is 100% organic

    2. It helps improve soil aeration.

    3. It helps increase the immune system of the plants

     4. The product is dry, therefore it is easy to use and store.

    5. It also enriches the soil by attracting deep burrowing earthworms.

Trust Basket – reliable organic products 

 Trust basket is the first brand in India that is interested in providing sustainable gardening products to people who ls in love with the environment around them. All the products of TrustBasket are given a quality check before sending it to the customers. Trust Basket has a strong belief in the use of organic products as they do not harm the environment. Let me tell you one thing that When you use organic fertilizer you are not only providing essential nutrients to the soil but you are also helping to reduce soil pollution by decreasing the use of chemical fertilizers.

I have already told you that vermicompost is one of the best organic plant fertilizers and one of the important features of Trustbasket Vermicompost that it helps in attracting the earthworms that are already present in the soil. Let me tell you something more about how the Trustbasket vermicompost attracts deep burrowing earthworms. When the vermicompost is used in any plant the earthworms will feed on the degradable waste and release it behind their casting which in turn increases the nutrients in the soil. microbes will work on these castings since the microbial activity is quite higher in worm casting. The TrustBasket vermicompost is 100% organic and environment-friendly. it is not at all adulterated by any chemical fertilizer.

To prepare vermicompost, earthworms are cultivated that convert organic waste into fertilizer. The process is also called vermiculture. In this process, various kinds of worms such as red wrigglers, white worms, and earthworms are used to form the compost. these organisms are fed on the debris as well as rotten plants which ferments it. these worms feed on the organic plant debris and release the waste material that is nutritious and beneficial for the growth of the plants. as soon as the vermicompost is applied to the soil the soil becomes highly nutritious and productive. The excreta of the worms are mixed into the soil which helps the soil to loosen up.

Vermicompost also increases the aeration in the soil. The air circulation is again beneficial for the growth of the plants. The roots of the plants can easily penetrate through the soil facilitating the growth.
The end product formed after the vermiculture is called vermicompost. The compost is highly endowed with various useful minerals like Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and potassium. The vermicompost is water-soluble and is the best organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

The vermicompost can be used in large-scale farming as well as in small-scale organic farming.

The TrustBasket vermicompost is purely organic and it is the best organic plant fertilizer. The Trustbasket vermicompost does not contain any chemical substance. The compost increases the immunity of plants that helps the plants to fight against various diseases. It also helps in increasing the fruit yield. I think if you want to go for any organic fertilizer this TrustBasket vermicompost would be a better option for you. Since the compost is purely organic it increases the soil fertility without harming the environment surrounding you.

TRUSTBASKET NEEM POWDER FOR PLANTS - One of the best organic plant fertilizers.

Trustbasket neem Cake Powder is the best organic plant fertilizer as it not only acts as an organic fertilizer but also acts as a pest repellent for plants. Nutrients are very essential for plants growth. soil sometimes is deprived of the essential nutrients that are required for the plant’s growth. We need to add few nutrients to the soil for the proper growth of plants. TrustBasket Neem Powder is one such fertilizer that not only increases the fertility of the soil but it also keeps pests and insects away from the plant. Pests and insects hamper the growth of plants resulting in a lower fruit yield, When Trustbasket Neem Powder is applied to the plant it acts as a nematicide, thus keeping harmful pests away from plants. it also helps in improving the soil texture and consequently increases plant productivity.

Since time immemorial neem has been used in the field of medicine and agriculture. Neem powder is a natural fertilizer that helps in the proper growth of plants. It offers various kinds of nutrients to the plant. The soil becomes rich in essential nutrients that are required by the plants to produce the maximum yield. Neem powder is mixed into the soil before sowing the seeds. you just need to till the soil deeply and mix the neem powder thoroughly.

Neem powder is a botanical product that consists of azadirachtin. the component acts as an active ingredient. The component is biodegradable meaning that the component gets easily decomposed in the soil. It does not harm the environment and is completely eco-friendly. neither does it harm the plants nor it is harmful to the humans and insects like the honey bee. neem powder can also be mixed with other organic fertilizers to enhance their function. Neem powder is one of the best organic plant fertilizers and has been proved effective for about 600 plant species. It is listed as a broad-spectrum insecticide. Neem seeds are crushed and powdered which acts as a soil conditioner.

You can either apply neem powder either before sowing the seeds or sprinkle the powder after loosening the soil. you need to keep one thing in mind that the sprinkling of neem powder should be followed by proper irrigation so that the powder could easily reach the soil. Since neem powder is a purely organic fertilizer and pesticide it is gaining importance in Asia as well as in Western countries like the UK, USA, and Australia. Nowadays, neem powder is intensively used in the agricultural industries. The powder is not only an important source of nutrients, but it is also cheaper than most other fertilizers and pesticides. If you prefer using organic fertilizer and pesticides, then I think using neem powder would be a good option for you.


Since time immemorial cow dung has been used as fertilizer for the
plants. cow dung manure is one of the best organic plant fertilizers for plants. It
is rich in the essential nutrients that are required for the proper
growth of plants. It facilitates the aeration in the soil and breaks up
the solid soil surface. Ugaoo has always promoted the natural ways of
agriculture. the cow dung manure is produced by decomposing the cow dung of Indian cows that is extremely rich in essential bacteria that
transforms the soil nutrients into useful accessible nutrients for the
small plants.

Working of Cow Manure.
. Cow manure is rich in the nutrients that promote the good development of plants hence it is one of the best organic plant fertilizers.
. Cow manure is non-chemical organic manure, thus it enriches the soil organically.
. It also increases the air gaps present in the soil and makes the soil more porous.
. Since cow manure is a bio-stimulant, it increases the disease resistance capacity of plants.

. First of all, you need to till the soil around the plant using a
suitable tool like a cultivator, trowel, or any other digging tool.
. Add the cow manure into the soil by sprinkling it near the roots of the plants that will give you the best result.
. most important thing is that you need to water the plant after
adding the cow manure to mix it thoroughly with the soil.
.Cow manure is not only beneficial for home gardening but also in large-scale farming.

. For the proper growth of the plants, the cow dung manure should be used in a justified manner. When you add cow dung manure in a justified manner it acts as one of the best organic plant fertilizers.
250-300 grams of cow dung manure should be used for the indoor as well as ornamental plants every month.
300-350 grams of cow dung manure should be applied to all the flowering as well as outdoor plants every month.
200-300 grams of cow dung manure should be applied to the plants that are growing in the kitchen garden.
for the planting beds and lawns,0.25 inch to 0.5 inches of cow dung manure should be layered every 3 months.
Fort the garden area spread in about 25 Sq.ft., 1 kg cow dung manure is sufficient.

.cow dung manure is beneficial for the plants since it contains significant nutrients that are helpful in the proper development of plants therefore it is one of the best organic plant fertilizers. Additionally, cow dung manure is purely organic and eco-friendly. If you desire to take a step ahead towards promoting organic farming then you can begin by using cow dung manure.
. Cow dung manure not only increases the fertility of the soil but also increases the moisture-holding capacity of the soil
. It is quite easy to use since it is odorless and finely textured.
. when added to the soil, it increases the porosity of the soil.
Cow dung manure is safe and highly effective for plants since it does not contain any harmful chemicals and has no side effects.

. Cow dung manure is 100% organic and eco-friendly.
. Cow dung manure is the best organic fertilizer for kitchen gardening as well as home gardening since it is non-chemical manure.
. Cow dung manure is created by decomposing the cow dung, Decomposition is a process in which various microorganisms like bacteria break down the cow dung into smaller organic particles.

. Ugaoo intends to create the earth a better place for a human.
. Ugaoo has always encouraged people to adopt the organic ways of agriculture. It motivates people to grow vegetables and fruits in their homes.
. Since the farming is completely organic the yield is completely safe for human consumption.
. I think it would be better to join hands with organic farming since it works to make the universe a better place to live in.


Epsom salt has always been used in gardening and it is one of the best fertilizers for plants. Let us know about the secret of using Epsom salt in gardening. Does it work in gardening is the most pertinent question asked?

Divine Tree Epsom salt is beneficial for the growth of plants. It improves the flowering capacity and enhances the green pigmentation in plants. it also helps in thickening the plant’s stem making plants bushier and greener. Both the components are essential for the proper growth of the plants.

Magnesium present in the Divine Tree Epsom salt helps plants to absorb significant nutrients from the soil.
It makes the plants greener since it increases the creation of chlorophyll. Additionally, magnesium is effective for the flowering and fruiting of plants.

If the soil becomes deprived of vital nutrients like magnesium, one can add Epsom salt to the soil. Since it is organic it is neither harmful for plants nor humans. It is completely safe and can be used for nearly all gardening plants.

It’s quite easy to spray Epsom salt on your plants. Mix it well with water and spray it on plants. It would be better if your soil is tested to know whether the soil is deficient in magnesium and sulfur. many plants like beans and other leafy vegetables can well flourish in soil deficient in magnesium and sulfur. Magnesium and sulfur are required only for plants like rose, tomatoes, and peppers. These plants that require a good amount of magnesium and sulfur are usually sprayed with Epsom salt solution. Therefore we can call Epsom salt as one of the best organic plant fertilizers.

Plants can easily absorb Epsom salt when it is mixed well with water. It is most effective when given foliar spray. Two tablespoons of Epsom salt can be sprayed with one gallon of water every month. If you want to water Epsom salt frequently, you can add 1 tablespoon Epsom salt with one-gallon water and apply it every alternate week.

When you are using Epsom salt on rose plants you can give a foliar spray of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water for every 31 cm of plant’s height.
When you are applying it on tomatoes and pepper plants you can mix one tablespoon of Epsom salt in water and apply it during transplantation and again after the first bloom and fruiting. you must include Epsom salt in your gardening as it is the best organic fertilizer.


In order to achieve the maximum yield from plants, the quality of soil is the top priority. There are various kinds of fertilizers that can help us to achieve the aim of maximum yield from plants. One of the best organic plant fertilizers that can be adopted by people who promote eco-friendly farming is bone meal fertilizer. Bone meal can be called one of the best organic plant fertilizers as it is purely natural and organic.

If you are a beginner in the field of gardening and hearing the name of bone meal fertilizer for the first time then it’s necessary to know what actually is bone meal. It is a supplement given to plants that are made from crushing animal bones. Beef bones are the most common bone that is used in making a bone meal for plants. The process of making bone meals involves boiling bones and crushing them into powder. In simple words bone meal is obtained by crushing animal bones, hence it can be called the best organic fertilizer.

Various other kinds of bone meal fertilizers are available in the market like fish meal, blood meal. Fishbone meal is made up of fish bones and blood bone meal is made up of blood instead of beef bones.
Indian gardens Bone meal fertilizer is endowed with all the significant nutrients that are used by plants for their proper development. Therefore, it is one of the best organic plant fertilizers.

1. Indian Gardens Bone meal fertilizer is rich in phosphorus
Phosphorus is one of the most important nutrients for the healthy growth of plants. It helps the plants in the proper growth of roots, cell division, seed growth.

Bone meal fertilizer contains about 15% phosphorus. Since phosphorus is an organic component it is easily be taken in by plants.
However, it would be better for you to go for a soil test. By doing so you will come to know whether the soil is deficient in phosphorus. If the result shows that the soil is deficient in phosphorus you can increase phosphorus in the soil by adding bone meal.

2. Indian Gardens Bone meal fertilizer is rich in calcium
Bone meal fertilizer is enriched with calcium. Phosphorus and calcium are the two most important nutrients that are required by plants for their growth. Plants produce maximum yield when the soil has the required amount of phosphorus and calcium.
Calcium is also required by indoor plants for the development of new roots and stems.

3. Indian Gardens Bone meal is one of the important supplements for soil.
Bone meal fertilizer not only improves the soil texture and porosity but also improves the nutrients absorbing capacity of plants.
It contains all the significant microorganisms that make the soil more fertile and productive. The nutrients that are present in bone meal fertilizer speed up the growth and strengthen the root as well as the shoot system.

If you love organic farming then I think you should keep Indian Gardens bone meal fertilizer for your plants. Indian Gardens bone meal fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer which means that even if you forget cycles, it keeps on breaking down and releasing essential nutrients. In this manner, you will continue to provide the required nutrients in a steady manner. Therefore we can say that bone meal fertilizer is one of the best organic plant fertilizers for plants.


Liquid seaweed fertilizer is extracted from brown Algae. The fertilizer is purely organic and natural therefore organicdews is one of the best organic plant fertilizers. It is a non-toxic component. Liquid seaweed contains hormones like Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins, and Betaines that are beneficial for the natural growth of plants. These components are necessary for the overall development of plants. Auxin increases the growth rate of plants and helps the flower buds to bloom on time.
Seaweeds contain both macros as well as micronutrients. It contains significant elements like amino acids, natural Hormones like Cytokinins, Gibberellins, and Auxin, and N-P-K for the complete development of plants. These macro and micronutrients improve the capacity of plants to use solar energy, thus it promotes the proper growth of plants and it is one of the best organic plant fertilizers.

In order to increase the germination rate of seeds you just need to soak the seeds in liquid seaweed before planting them. It helps in the proper growth of roots, and stems. Besides this, Liquid Seaweed can also be used as a rooting hormone solution. You can put the stem cutting in a solution of liquid seaweed and water. After few days you can see the roots growing in the cutting. It also helps in the reduction of transplant shock that leads to the death of many cuttings.

. Seaweed Fertilizers help the plants in increasing their fruiting and flowering capacity.

Seaweed fertilizer helps plants to produce maximum yield. It best works on plants like pepper, cucumbers. strawberries, apples, okra, and oranges. Besides this, it sweetens fruits and increases the size of flowers. Since liquid seaweed fertilizer is rich in phosphorus, it helps plants in multiple ways resulting in healthier and proper fruit development.

. It helps in the proper development of the root system.
As described earlier seaweed fertilizer contains phosphorus which helps in the proper development of roots as well as shoot system. Not only this, it increases the soil texture making it more fertile and suitable for plants growth. It increases the porosity of soil that helps the root system to penetrate through the soil very easily. It also increases the aeration and drainage in the soil preventing waterlogging. Since Organicdews liquid seaweed fertilizer promotes the overall growth of plants, it can be called one of the best organic plant fertilizers.

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