A.I Threat For Mankind ?

A.I Threat For Mankind ?

A.I The future ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE  is all about Training, Learning, Predicting. It is also called Machine intelligence which does the work of self-learning & giving results to the user according to that learning.

In present, there are many devices which is enabled & can control thing on your voice command so its all about building the device or the machine which can do work of thinking & acting accordingly.

a.i threath to mankind

In present Applied A.I is achieved which has the capability of performing task like Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Internet Searches or The Facial Recognition, for now, this very great but Engineers experts in these all are working for next level A.I which is Artificial General Intelligence here the machine will be able to handle any task a human can do & is going to replace human in future.

In the above line, it shows that A.I can be a threat for mankind, some of the iconic physicist like Stephen Hawkins who died in 14 march 2018, Elon Musk the Innovator, Space X & Tesla Leader, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates who believe that A.I can be a threat to mankind.

One of the physicists said that we need to be careful & need to manage it properly so that it can’t overpower humans but this needs to done as soon as possible because the intelligent machine has been made & it can be dangerous if not paid attention.

Stephen Hawkins                                                                         Elon Musk                                                           Bill Gates

Artificial Intelligence is helping mankind in their life to live it more handy and fruitful it also helps in terms of safety. As in future A.I is going to take over in each & every industry & place so most place just A.I will be there watching & executing the task, here comes how it can be dangerous if A.I hacked by the hacker for the wrong purpose then it can be very harmful as one who hacked can get what he wants & can use it against the person or country.

Tesla & Space X leader, The Innovator Elon Musk replied in a post that A.I is growing very fast & its growth cannot be stopped, in the upcoming 5 years or at least 10 years something very bad is going to happen.

Let’s see how A.I can be a threat to mankind in the future? A.I is taking over the machines which are machines powered with A.I so that it can work more efficiently, in future A.I can be programmed as a weapon for someone or country like A.I might be used to handle the Nuclear weapon of the country, in that case, it can be threat to mankind as it can be hacked & used against.

As we know that highly intelligent machines are being made so it can also get the ability to think of their own & can detect us humans as a threat & start killing humans & making more machine-like them so it can be very risky & harmful.

We all know about the investigation which was done in 2016 on Cambridge Analytica & other firms who used Facebook user data for the win in the U.S election 2016. we can know the power of A.I here how it manipulated the social user & result in the win of the election.

A.I & its algorithm is very well known for targeting & marketing it takes the sample data & learn from them which type of thing a user likes, displays them & promotes them.


In the present time, the camera is everywhere, it is possible to track each individual every step & with the facial recognition algorithm who you are can be known.

This all type of info is being collected by the china social credit system which is going to give more than 1.4 billion citizens the average score based on their daily activity.

When A.I will be powered with each device & machine, we Humans need to be specific in our words while giving commands to them as there might be consequences for it.

In present time Tesla has launched their bus & car powered with A.I which detects when you are going to collide, apply automatic brakes & stop the bus/car, it also slows down & stops your car aside if it detects you have fallen asleep.

In future A.I powered cars will be self-driving with just your command it will be great fun but at the same time, we need to be careful with our commands as it can cause harm to Humans.

A.I is used for good purpose in detecting the disease in early-stage finding the cure for cancer but also same time A.I is collecting each & every info about us which can be misused in anyway, so in short A.I can be used in future for dangerous & wrong purpose, as A.I is growing very fast this is the time where we all need to talk about it positively help the development reducing its harmful points.

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