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Hologram is the thing we all have seen in movies, we all know that how popular video conferencing has become in this pandemic as corporate offices are offering employees to work from home so that they stay safe and also schools studies are also going on from home with these all popular video conferencing apps.

Technology is growing day by day and in this era anything thing possible with technology so one of the company PORTAL INC from Los Angeles comes up with this unique machine portrays the hologram of a person in front of that person who wants to talk to him.

This machine is a size of phone booth project hologram of a person, this consist of the technology that one can send a hologram message standing in white background with the camera to the person and can interact with that message said Chief Executive David Nussbaum and he called it holoportation, you can also interact with the recorded message of passed relatives or historic figures from past.

The device will be powered with artificial intelligence to project hologram and which can be saved, this artificial intelligence will be provided by the company there in Los Angeles itself to PORTAL.INC, the size of the device is almost 2.1m tall, 1.5m wide, 0.6 m deep which can be mounted in any wall outlet.

David Nussbaum
The Chief Executive David Nussbaum of Portal inc who worked before in company who created a hologram of Ronald Reagan for former President’s library and Tupac Shakur rapper who was forgotten.


David Nussbaum said that if you cannot be present in that place you can project yourself there to that person he also said that he will be able to connect to many military families who haven’t seen each other from a long time or the one who is facing long-distance due to this pandemic COVID-19.
He also said that right now they have a big size machine which can be mounted in-wall outlet but he & his team are also working on Table Top machine which can be kept in any tabletop and can project a hologram of the recorded message.
Heather Smith
David Nussbaum also said about the price, the machine starting price will be around $60,000 which with the addition of the artificial intelligence that will be provided by the other company which then will be costing around $85,000 final and the price of the machine will drop around 3-5 year of time-span.
He also said that how the company will be promoting these machine, the company is going to provide these machine first to the museum that will allow people to question the hologram of the historic figures and families to have the message saved for the future.
Cheif executive Heather Smith of the company providing artificial intelligence to the Portal inc said that feeling their presence and seeing their body movement will make a person feel that they are present in real with them although they are not present there.

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