Apparameter Community Guidelines

apparameter community guidelines apparameter community guidelines apparameter community guidelines apparameter community guidelines apparameter community guidelines apparameter community guidelines

apparameter community guidelines

Welcome To Apparameter

  • Our Goal is to Endorse Conversation which are  Enlightening, Friendly, enjoyable. 
  • You can create conversation in our website or in our Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Instagram Page.
  • Be Gentle while making a conversation.
  • Don’t be rude to one another 
  • We remove all those comments which will be against community guidelines
  • Help Our team who work hard day & night to make this website best in all it’s aspect.

Rules For Apparameter Community Guidelines

  • Spam: if the comment is coming from a person repeatedly that includes link or some repeated comment will be deleted by spam filter. Spam include promoting yourself, pasting link of your website or your social link.
  • Defamation/Discriminating : Apparameter is a Friendly, Enlightening, enjoyable place, so insulting other user by words or insulting them on behalf of religion, color, sex, and revealing a person personal information will lead that user to land in blacklist forever. 
  • Spreading Wrong Information: As we all know how this fake news/information becomes viral & people fall for it & starts to act accordingly so to protect this from happening our dedicated team will keep eye on every conversation & if there will be any misleading information in comment section will be removed immediately 
  • NSFW Stuff: This stuff includes gross, offensive, pornographic links or images which will violet guidelines will result that image, link to be removed from comment.
  • Illegal Activity: We all know some place torrents are not allowed & some website from where you can download stuff for free posting that kind of link or website in comment section will result in removal of that comment.
  • Trolling: we all know what trolling has become in present where an individual gets trolled for pic, comment, and for action, if this kind of activity is found in comment section then it will result in the removal of that whole thread on which this activity was going on.

How To Post Your Comment

  • You can make conversation either on this website or on Facebook, twitter, Instagram.
  • while making comment remember all guidelines mention above.
  •  Apparameter loves healthy, friendly, enlightening, joyful comment.
  • If you have any suggestion for our Article/Genre you are welcome, click Right Here
  • If you have Feedback you can use this Right Here