Oneplus Bullets Wireless z


If You are a budget lover & loves to buy the thing in a budget but with some premium finish, here is some best Bluetooth earphone under budget with a premium look.

Oneplus brand is known for its performance and design, we have seen how Oneplus builts its phone in terms of design, hardware, and performance.

Oneplus smartphone is now one of the best android phones, Oneplus slowly stepped into the market by building Oneplus wireless earphone, Oneplus Earpod, Oneplus TV.

Some Special features of Oneplus Bullets.

  • Battery: Oneplus provides a powerful battery that provides 10hr in 10 mins of charging.
  • Charging: Oneplus has enabled these Bullets with WARP Charging which charges the Bullets in very less time
  • Magnetic Control: Oneplus has enabled magnetic control for pairing this with phone

Realme Buds Another Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Budget

Realme is known as the brand for smartphones, this brand launches its new phone every month or two and brings out the best smartphone under budget.

Realme slowly expanded its market by building a new product like Earbuds, Earpods, Electric Toothbrush, Trolly, and even more product which are yet to be launched

Features that make these earbuds great.

  • Magnetic Control: These earbuds too have magnetic control which is very fast & pairs up with the phone within seconds.
  • Design: Realme has provided these earbuds with a premium design which is great at this price.
  • Buttons: Realme has provided 3 button control.
  • Battery: These earbuds have great battery backup & also battery saving technology with this magnetic control.

Noise Tune Charge Another Great Wireless earphone

Noise is the brand which is deals with Smartwatch, Earbuds, Earphone. This brand is not so popular but brings out its best product.

There is no update on Noise plan on expanding their market but I think that Noise will be expanding its market in the area of Smart TV also.

Some of the features of this Bluetooth earphone.

  • Dual Paring: Noise has come-up with dual paring & can connect simultaneously to two device
  • Bass Button: Noise has given a dedicated bass button so that while listening to music one can turn bass on for a better experience.
  • Battery: This Bluetooth earphone has 16hrs of playback time
  • IPX Rating: This Noise Bluetooth earphone has an IPX5 rating

Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Another Budget Wireless Earphone

The boat came to the market as an earphone brand & achieved success with its wonderful Earphone, Headphone, Earpod.

The boat has always brought its best to the market.

Feature of this Boat Rockers 255

  • IPX Rating: This Boat Bluetooth earphone IPX5 Rating
  • Battery: This has great battery power & also has fast charging which charges your earphone in 1hrs.
  • Design: Boat has designed its earphone in a unique way and made this boat earphone lightweight which is great for the user.

Sony WI-C200 Another Budget Wireless Earphone

Sony is known for TV, smartphones, Walkman, Earphone, Earpod, Sony has always produced its best product in the market & people from all over the world had shown their love by appreciating and buying their product.

Sony WI-C200 Features

  • Design: Sony has designed this wireless earphone very light that the user will not feel like that earphone is even there.
  • Battery: Sony has powered this device with a battery that gives playback of 15hrs, this also supports quick charge in which 10mins charge will give backup of 60mins
  • Magnetic Housing: This has magnetic housing but no magnetic control, this magnetic housing feature is to keep the earphone untangled

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