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This article will help you in how to play music through mic? This is going to be the simplest way to how to play music through mic? This article is the latest guide that teaches you to share the sound present in the surrounding.

How To Play Music Through Mic In Discord?

how to play music through mic in discord

We all know how great the Discord application is and know how widely it is used among streamers and Gamers to interact with each other. Sometimes while interacting with each other one feels like hearing music through Discord.

This can be done by opening your preferred browser and opening any video streaming site and by pressing the shortcut key it will open both in separate windows and there you go with different windows with music and Discord.

how to play music through mic in discord

To achieve this you need to follow a few simple steps, so follow the below steps to know how to play music through mic in discord?

  • First, You need to ensure that there is less noise in the background and see that the microphone level is raised.
  • Second, If you are using an internal mic then it’s well and good and if you are using a mic from outside then you have to change microphone input by opening the control panel >>> sounds >>> microphone tab and change the microphone input to the mic you are using separately.
  • Now you have to make sure that whatever mode you are using in Discord for chatting is enabled.
  • Now see that you have enabled the push to talk feature in Discord so that audio is audible only when you push the button.
  • To check whether your mic is giving good quality or not check the bottom left corner of the sound window you will see the level indicator, if you are receiving low quality it is going to show you a red indicator and when you will receive good quality it is going to show you green when the indicator is green then you good to go.
  • Now after setting and checking the mic you all need to do is open your preferred browser.
  • Now we need to open Discord and move to the left corner to Linked account.
  • When you click on the Linked account then you will be redirected to a new page/screen where you will find the information of which account you are linked to like Steam or Facebook, you will also receive information regarding voice chat is enabled or not as well you will see a button where you can link a different account.
  • Now click on the button that says link different account/application and there you will see a message to link the application and link your preferred browser.
  • If you wanna link to another application then you have to repeat the same process of linking accounts and link other applications.
  • Now open Youtube/Spotify, find out your favorite one, and select.
  • After you have done this process head back to discord click on the linked account.
  • Now when you have come to Discord linked account click on start playing.

Now after this process you will be able to see your microphone in discord and you will also find that after playing music you will hear music from that device and you can chat as well hear music at the same time.

Method To Hear Music Over Mic

There are 5-6 steps in this method to hear the music over the mic. so just keep reading you will successfully hear the music over the mic.

how to play music through mic

Method 1 Step 1

First, You need to find a micro USB/wireless microphone to add to the cart and purchase a USB/wireless microphone, or else if you have one then plug it on your PC.

If you have an issue in finding out which mic will be best for your work then check out this list.

Method 1 Step 2

Now the second step is to find your audio setting in your Operating System for that you need to click on the search bar type control panel and select control panel.

Now you have to move to the Sound and click on sound there you will find your audio device and for playback set your microphone as default and there you go you are all set, but before moving forward you need to set how loud you want to hear and set it accordingly.

Method 1 Step 3

Now you have to find out your music and play your music as background and adjust the level of the microphone so that clear sound comes from your microphone.

Method 1 Step 4

Now If you are having an issue with sound quality then you have to look that your headset isn’t plugged in the same port as it is going to cause the problem in sound quality.

Method 1 Step 5

Now you can enjoy after checking all this thing.


how to Play Music Through Mic And Chat through your PC/Laptop

How to Play Music Through Mic And Chat through your PC/Laptop

The PC/Laptop Operating System has a feature that allows the microphone to be used as a speaker to play music as well to talk to another person. you also want to do the same follow these steps and you will achieve.

First, you need to do is bring the sound window to bring this window you can either click on the volume icon and open its setting or else open the control panel and go to sound and open the volume setting.

how to Play Music Through Mic And Chat through your PC/Laptop

Now you have to see the device which is currently highlighted and set it as default communication. After you successfully set it as default communication, now you will be able to chat as well play music at the same time. To turn off the music just pause the music and the music will stop instantly.

If the issue is still there that you cannot play music and chat at the same time then you need to do it Buy a different device.

How to Play Music Through Mic Using Software’s In-Game

How to Play Music Through Mic Using Software's In-Game

There is various software through which we can achieve this thing so the question arises that how to play music through mic?

How this can be achieved?

If you going to be a streamer or Youtuber then you have seen streamers audio we hear is very clear and this is due to the device they are using is a premium microphone and sound mixer which gives you the clear quality of streamer voice and clear game sound.

If you cannot afford that premium device then a few software will help you to achieve this kind of audio.

Now the question comes how many software’s are there to achieve this kind of audio? and the answer is that there are few and from that few, I bring you 5 software that will give you the best output.

So the 5 software’s are as follows and from that how we can achieve answer of how to play music through mic?


Clownfish is an extension available for chrome browser and the same extension available for another browser with a different name, so you can go to the extension field of the browser and search for clownfish and the suggestion you get to install it or else if you are using chrome then add clownfish to your browser and you are good to go.

ClownFish extension

So what this clownfish extension does? This clownfish extension helps to access audio of music, a song from the browser while playing games or while streaming. There is also an extension available for the chromium-browser which does the same work as the chrome extension.

ClownFish chrome extension

Now to play sound through your mic, Follow few simple steps

  • First, You need is Open Chrome browser and open chrome setting
  • There you will see the extension tab, Open the extension tab.
  • Search for clownfish and add it to your browser.
  • After adding clownfish open the site from which you want to play music.
  • right-click on the music that will bring a new menu in which you have the option to play with the device you have plugged in or the default device.
  • And there you go enjoy

Rust Soundboard

Rust Soundboard is an audio player that helps in playing music and also helps in recording audio which will help you later in making the audio file that you desire.

Rust Soundboard

To use this Rust Soundboard for playing audio on the mic or another device just follow the simple steps.

  • So first you need is to do some code work, when you install a rust soundboard you will not get libraries in it you need to add the libraries through cargo and if you don’t know how to add libraries from cargo then refer to the article adding libraries through cargo.
  • Now you need to start the rust soundboard and add the folder of music/video which you want to play and hit play.
  • Now for adding music/video in the loop click the square button at the bottom of the playlist.
  • To record something in this rust soundboard you need to press the record button that.
  • Now the time comes when you wanna listen to recording in-order to listen to the recording you need to play it with cargo by entering some command line like /file player filename_of_recordings
  • To playback in the desired device, you need to find it in the rust directory and compile it and play it in the device you have plugged in


How To Play Music In Mic Through MorphVox?

As we saw the above software/extension how it played music through the mic. You can easily download the software from a genuine website.

How To Play Music In Mic Through MorphVox?

You can easily play music through the mic with the help of the steps that I have explained below.

How To Play Music In Mic Through MorphVox?
  • The very first step that you need to take is you only have to open the Microsoft word or notepad and Type “Hello World” and save this text file with the name called hello.txt in a folder on your computer system.
  • The next step is quite easy. you just need to open Spotify with a single click that is already present in the application folder or what you can do is search it with the help of Spotlight Search if you are finding difficulty in searching it. You need to tap on the library of the navigation bar and easily choose your favorite songs.
  • When you tap on the search function and type hello the list of different artists will be displayed before you whose songs contain hello. You can now play any of the songs.
  • you can easily find the microphone at the bottom left-hand corner. the microphone has the appearance of two overlapping circles.
  • when you are hearing music through a Spotify speaker you need to click on these two circles simultaneously. But, you have to be careful that you do not cover both the circles completely because if you do so the sound will not be able to escape from your computer system.
  • When you want to stop the music in MorphVox, you need to click on the overlapping circles again. as soon as you click on those circles they will disappear from the screen.

Playing Music through Mic With VoiceMeter and Soundboard

Like the above software, this also helps you in playing music through the mic, and to achieve this you just need to follow some simple steps.

Playing Music through Mic With VoiceMeter and Soundboard
  • Things you are going to need is a voice meter, Soundboard software, a microphone
  • So now you need to download Soundboard software on your PC/Software.
  • Connect the Microphone that you have and if you are still searching for which microphone will fit then you can check from the above list and buy.
  • I will be attaching a photo that is going to show you how to play music through mic using VoiceMeter and Soundboard. With this, you will see that you can voice over any video and stream with a clear voice to the audience.

Soundpad Another Software That Will Help You Play Music Through Mic

Soundpad Another Software That Will Help You Play Music Through Mic

If you wanna play music through a mic you need to follow some simple steps.

Soundpad Another Software That Will Help You Play Music Through Mic
  • First, you need to do is plug the audio device into the audio output jack
  • Now you need to connect the wire to the headset so that you can hear your voice in the headset and know what you are recording.
  • Open audio editing software in which add setting to make your sound nicer and then record your audio.
  • Now attach your webcam to your PC and point your webcam to the screen of your PC, point your Microphone toward you so that you can speak now hit the live stream and play any video with your voice where you are speaking and end your live streaming after few minutes or half an hour.
  • where your live streaming is complete either download the video clip which you have streamed or watch on youtube itself, so when you are watching and hearing you can hear your voice + voice of the video. So this is how to play music through mic with this software.

Stereo Mix

Few games support Stereo Mix, if you wanna play music through stereo mix then follow these few steps1

  • First, you need to open the game setting where you need to go to the sound setting.
  • In the sound setting, you need to find a Stereo mix as I said before that only in some games you will get this stereo mix option so in some you might not see this option.
  • When you find this option enable this option and there you go you can use stereo mix

Games that support Stereo Mix are:

  • Counter-Strike Go
  • League of Legends
  • World War Z VR Game
  • Other games Too

Stream Youtube Audio Through Mic

Streaming from Firefox/Chrome is easy to achieve there are other ways also how you can stream youtube audio through the mic.

What Is The Step Towards Streaming Audio Through Mic

How To Connect Microphone?

Select Playback devices from your computer by going into the control panel and select the desired devices as the default playback device.

Streaming through Youtube How Voice Is Going to Sound?

The first and most important thing is your internet speed and the quality of stream depends on your internet speed, there are other factors too but that doesn’t affect that and as the YouTube algorithm also helps in maintaining the sound and stream quality. YouTube algorithm always optimizes the stream which you are doing and sends it to their server.

When you are streaming audio you will see an indicator light that will show that if the device is selected default or not.

To set it as default you need to go to playback devices and select the device which you have plugged in and select it as the default playback device. Setting the device as default make sure that when you speak from the plugged-in device the sound passes through the devices.

How To Test The Sound? And How It Sounds?

To Test sound, you need to follow some simple steps

  • You need is to make sure that nothing is running on your PC/phone and then find out the music file that you wanna play.
  • Now you need to open your desired browser and type the language of the music which you are playing like I will take the example of Spanish so type in the search bar Spanish sound and search.
  • So when you search the Spanish sound you will find the page showing that language music and another video. Select any one video of that language and play that video.
  • Now play the audio you select to play and hit the record button after recording finds the recorded file and hit play, you will find that the voice which you played and the video which you were playing were coming clear and not mixed up this is how you can test the sound.
  • If this doesn’t work and you find that it is not sounding good then try the same step with another video till you find the sound sounding good. when you come to that then that’s the point your mic is working fine and there is no issue.

Last Thoughts

So my last thought is that to the question how to play music through mic? is that you can play music through mic without heavy and costly equipment with the help of software’s and with some few changes in the setting and setting up the device as default for both input sound from mic and output sound from the mic.

This is also going to help you in producing great quality sound for the audience as well. so if you haven’t read this article and can direct for FAQ’S and from FAQ’S if your issue didn’t resolve then please do check the whole article and follow step by step.


How To Play Music Through Mic While Gaming?

So if you want to play music through mic while gaming then you need to do is download the software Soundflower.
With this software, any device can receive and send sound to configure this software in Mac you need to do the same thing mention above. If you came directly to FAQ’S then follow the steps to configure Software.
GoTo system preference >>> Audio >>> Output >>> select the device which you have plugged in.
You will get soundflower and you have to select that option when you are playing music through the mic.
Now connect headphone in line out and then go back to system preference >>> audio >>> output and see that soundflower is selected.
Now when you are going to play music from i-tunes and other software your audio will pass through soundflower and then it will play through your mic.
This is how to play music through mic while gaming in Mac, and if you want how to play music through mic while gaming in windows please read the above article and follow step by step guide.

How To Play Music While Gaming On Discord?

To play music through mic while gaming on discord you need to follow these simple steps or you can go to the following article.
The open music player on the phone 
Add new activity in discord gaming and then search for the perfect gaming song and then press play and there you go.

How To Play Music Through mic?

If you came directly to FAQ’S then follow these simple steps or else you can refer to the above article.
The first option is to connect the audio cord from your headphone to your PC/Laptop
you can get a streaming app like Pandora and open Spotify on the browser there you will find the play button.
Click that button and the song will start to play from the mic rather than the speaker.

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