If You are in search of the best phone under 20000 and with a feature that always blows the mind of the user. Features like 64MP, In-display fingerprint, Face lock, and great microprocessor chip that boost your phone performance.

If you are in search of a phone that can beat a brand that comes under the premium list. Here is the list of best phones that are under 20000 which you all are going to love.

We all know brand Realme, how it came into the market, and how quickly Realme raised itself from other best phone brand.

This phone I am considering due to its performance and camera & battery. This is going to cost you a little more than 20000 and that is 1000 more.

Let’s see why you should go for this phone when it is going to cost more than 20000 and why it lies in the best phone under budget.

  • Camera: This device has a great camera quality, not the best but great, and can take amazing detailed pictures. This has 64MP of the main camera with an 8MP of a wide-angle lens, 2MP of a portrait lens, and 2MP of the Macro lens. It has a 32MP of the front camera which everyone will love
  • Battery: This device has a battery power of 4000mAH and utilization of the battery is great.
  • Screen: This Device has 6.4 inches of HD display with 16.7 million color support. As a result, the user is going to get a great experience of watching movies and playing games.
  • Processor: This device has Snapdragon 730G and easily handle high-end games like PUBG.

Motorola One Fusion+ Another Best Phone Under 20000

The brand Motorola is the best know for producing tough with a better feature. Motorola always comes up with a different design that attracts the user.

There was a time Motorola failed to show any of its new devices to people but Motorola raised again with its new device with great feature & design.

Let’s have look at the feature & design due to which it lies in the category of the best phone under 20000.

  • Body: This device has a great sleek body design with a glossy finish at back and has a full screen with no notch. This makes its design great.
  • Screen: This device has 6.5 inches of Full HD display without any notch in it which allows users to play and watch a movie in full screen.
  • Battery: This device 5000 mAh battery power which allows the device to last around 2 days if the usage is not that much.
  • Processor: This device comes with 730G which is great and can easily multitask without any issue and is also able to handle the high-end games in the device
  • Camera: This device has a 64MP main camera with an 8MP of a wide-angle lens, a 5MP of a portrait lens, and a 2MP of the macro lens which is great for a user who takes lots of photos. it also has 16MP of POP UP selfie camera which you are not going to get in any other device that comes under 20000

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Another Best Phone

The brand Redmi is one of the most sold smartphone devices. Redmi once became number one in selling smartphones. This brand has always come up with the idea to sell its smartphone is a large number and is always successful in doing that.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max is one the best phone which Redmi brought under price 20000 and which is great for the user who buys this phone.

Let’s have look at the feature that this model has and which make this phone the best phone under 20000 that a user must grab.

  • Body: This device has a normal body and glossy finish design at back with a bump and on the front this has center punched front camera. This makes the device look so great & catchy.
  • Battery: This device has 5020mAH battery power and it uses the battery in efficient manner and as a result, this device provides more backup than others.
  • Charger: This comes with a fast charger that solves half of the problem.
  • Screen: This device has 6.6 inches of full LCD which quite nice for this kind of price.
  • Camera: This device has a 64MP main camera with an 8MP ultra-wide lens, a 5Mp of a macro lens, and a 2MP of a portrait lens, and 32MP of the front camera which is quite nice for the photographer who loves to capture great photos from a phone.

Realme 6 pro Another Great Device

This is a great brand Realme and is expanding its market on a different product like an electric toothbrush, trolly, bag, and many other products.

This brand is known for launching a device with the same feature with little difference at the same price. This brand basically says that they launch these many devices because they want to give people multiple choices at the same price.

Let’s pay attention to this device feature why this phone lands under the best budget phone that a user can buy.

  • Processor: This device has Snapdragon 720G which is great under this price. it can handle multitasking and can handle high-end games smoothly if played under the normal setting.
  • Screen: This device has 6.6 inches FHD display with 90HZ of refresh rate that gives smooth scrolling and a different experience.
  • Camera: This device has a 64MP of the main camera with a 12Mp of a wide-angle lens, an 8MP of Portrait lens, and a 2Mp of a macro lens. it also has a dual front camera that comes with 16MP and an 8MP of wide lens.
  • Battery: This device has 4300mAH battery power which is less but ok this battery can give a backup of 1 day most probably.
  • Charger: If battery power is less, Realme provides the user with a flash charger which is going to the charger you phone very quickly. It’s a plus point that it has a flash charger.

Samsung M31s Another Phone That Comes Under This Budget

We all know Samsung for selling smartphones according to the user & time requirement. Samsung slowly improved its devices according to time due to which Samsung never faced what other companies faced by not moving with time.

Samsung launched many models according to the demand of time. One of the devices is Samsung M31s that has great features and comes under 20000.

Let’s have a look at its feature.

  • Battery: This device has 6000mAH battery power which is more than other devices at this range.
  • Charger: This comes with a fast charger which is great in this range as not every brand provides a huge battery and fast charging.
  • Camera: This device has 64Mp of the main camera with a 12MP of a wide-angle lens, a 5MP of the depth camera, and 5MP of a macro lens. It has 32MP of a front camera which is great and which allows user to capture great photos
  • Processor: This device has Exynos 9611 which can handle smoothly multitasking & high-end games.
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