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Blue Origin, New Shepard made a successful launch & land, this new Shephard is a suborbital rocket which is going to make its way to moon & mars, Jeff Bezos Blue Origin is building its rocket in a way so that their rocket after SpaceX can achieve that point.

New Shepard launch held on October 13 2020 without any crew in it, it was just a test flight over west Texas. New Shepard has a reusable rocket and a space capsule that gets detach in space & rocket lands back to earth.

Blue Origin New Shepard is a 60ft tall and hydrogen-fueled B-3 engine that makes the engine lot powerful.

This Blue Origin New Shepard had its 13th successful flight & 7th flight of its reusable rocket, the mission name for the launch had NS-13 mission, this launch was held before in September but delayed due to technical issue.

Blue Origin Suborbital Launch Facility Corn Ranch in Van Horn

Later Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos announced that are going to carry the test flight on 13th October 2020 and the New Shepard will take off from launch facility Corn Ranch in Van Horn

Watch Full Launch Event Here

Skip To 35 minutes for New Shepard launch

A Brief On Blue Origin New Shepard Launch

Blue Origin New Shepard rocket with hydrogen-fueled BE-3 engine, reusable rocket, and a pressurized crew capsule takes off from the test facility at Van Horn, Texas.

blue origin new shepard
Blue Origin New Shepard

New Shepard takes off with BE-3 engine which was on fire for almost two-and-a-half-minute and as a result, it reached the speed of 2,232mph according to the Blue Origin.

So after that, the pressurized crew capsule gets detach from the rocket and the crew capsule reached the altitude of 351,200, after that the crew capsule descends back to land, the New Shepard also descend back to land after the crew capsule gets detached.

While returning to land New Shepard applies an air brake to make itself stable and turns on its hydrogen-fueled BE-3 engine and slowly deploys its landing gear to the landing mark & lands there successful.

blue origin crew capsule
Blue Origin Crew Capsule parachute deployed

On Another side, the pressurized crew capsule parachute deployed on landing, small rockets attached to the parachute helped the crew capsule land safely in the middle of the desert.

The whole mission NS-13 lasted for approx for 10 minutes and succeeded in safe launch & safe land. This is mission is a great success for Jeff Bezos and his Company.

Purpose Of This New Shepard Rocket

Like SpaceX, Jeff Bezos company Blue Origin has the same mission, the mission to carry people in space, The pressurized crew capsule which was the part of this mission can carry up to 6 people in space & return back to the earth.

An Employee of the company Joel Eby said that soon they will send Humans to space but before they need few more test flights to ensure it’s ready for Humans.

A Step Towards Nasa Partnership

The mission NS-13 launched with 12 payloads with one payload of Nasa & for Nasa, The one payload of Nasa is Nasa’s Deorbit, Descent, Landing Sensor Demonstration, and the payload for Nasa is a sensor suit by the company.

The payload Nasa’s Deorbit, Descent, Landing Sensor Demonstration, this all payload for the first time traveled outside of the capsule. The company thanked Nasa for making this mission possible and this is a step towards partnership.

The payload attached outside the capsule will ensure safe and accurate landing, measuring the altitude, and this will help in Nasa’s Artemis Program.

Purpose Of The Sensor Attached Outside The Capsule In This Blue Origin NS-13 Mission

The sensor is a part of the SPLICE project(Safe & Precise Landing Integrated Capabilities Evolution), while landing the algorithm of this sensor senses the landing area is safe to land if not the rocket will move itself from that place to a safe place in a diameter of 100 meters.

SPLICE Sensors

Navigation Lidar & a Terrain Navigation Camera, and Hazard detection Lidar sensor, these two tested in the new mission NS-13, with these sensors they will receive a lot more accurate data than before.

blue origin illustration of landing
Blue Origin Illustration of Landing on Moon

SPLICE sensor is specially designed for the Lunar mission due to which this test is necessary in order to be double sure about the SPLICE sensor success, and Lunar landing mission success.

This SPLICE is part of the Artemis program which ensures Lunar Lander a safe & accurate landing on the moon, which will happen in 2024 most probably.

Other Payload ON NS-13 Mission

µG-LilyPond which is a floating plant growing system in low gravity, BORE II (Box Of Rock Experiment II) this is a new system which will be collecting a sample of meteorite and test it more accurate than before, and New Cooling Technology which will help rocket to cool down faster in case of overheating.

Commercial Space Tourism

The company hasn’t announced any confirmation on space tourism, although the crew Capsule has the space for 6 members, the time in the space human spends will be approx 10 minutes and then descend back to the earth.

blue origin crew capsule
Blue Origin Crew Capsule descends to The Earth

The company soon will announce the first crew member taking the flight to space but before that, they need to run few more test flights to ensure the safety of the first crew member and so on for space tourists.

Blue Origin And Sapce-X

Jeff Bezos CEO of Blue Origin has very different plans for the company, making the company strong for future to take over the big projects, although Blue Origin has never put any rocket in the orbit or send any humans to space but with these new rockets they will be able to do soon.

jeff bezos ceo of amazon blue origin
Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon, and Blue Origin

On the other hand, Space-X whose CEO is Elon Musk with new projects, new test flight, and new failure has always made the news headline, and is moving a lot faster than Blue Origin and taking up new projects.

Elon Musk, Tesla, Space X, Neuralink
CEO of Space-X, Tesla, Neuralink

Jeff Bezos in an interview has said that they move slow but perfect so that there is no mistake while any final project and also said that the Blue Origin feather logo symbolizes the perfection of flight, so the company is fine if they don’t make the news headline.

Jeff Bezos also mentions that the company will have a permanent base on the moon where they will be building colonies for humans to live & work there.

This is going to very interesting to watch these two Billionaires Jeff Bezos & Elon Musk building their respective company for the same mission, it will also interesting to watch these two companies working in space together.

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