Enola Holmes is a recently released movie on Netflix. It is released on 23 September 2020. The entire story of the movie revolves around the character, Enola Holmes, who is the sister of Sherlock Holmes.

Enola Holmes is an American mystery movie based on Nancy Springer’s first book in the series of the same name. The director of the film is Harry Bradbeer. Millie Bobby Brown not only plays the role of the central character but she is also the producer of the movie.

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Netflix Enola Holmes Trailer

A Brief Outline Of The Movie, Enola Holmes

There are several characters who appear in supporting roles like Frances de la Tour as The Dowager, Louis Patridge as Lord Tewksbury, Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, Sam Calfin as Mycroft Holmes, Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes, Adeel Akhtar as Inspector Lestrade, Fiona Shaw as Miss Harrison , and Susie Wokoma as Edith.

enola holmes brother sherlock holmes
Netflix Enola Holmes ( Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes)

Sherlock Holmes character is created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes made his debut in ‘A Study in Scarlet’ and after that, he became one of the famous and most lovable literary figures and the character has been adapted by various media for several years.


Enola Holmes is seen as a young lady who is in search of her lost mother. Her elder siblings have stopped caring for her when she was a little girl. Her siblings left her along with her mother after a few disagreements regarding some matter with their mother, Eudoria.

enola holmes unite with their brother mycroft & sherlock
Netflix Enola Holmes( Millie Bobby as Enola Holmes, Sam Calfin as Mycroft Holmes, Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes)

The siblings met after several years when their mother had disappeared. Enola is prompted to leave her brothers and probe into the matter all by herself.

while Enola Holmes is busy investigating her mother’s disappearance she comes across another important case of Viscount Tewkesbury. The boy runs away from his home who is followed by a man who wants to kill him.

The movie features Enola Holmes’s first detective case as she is engaged in the search of her mother. just like Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes takes up the role of a detective and follows the path of her brother to solve the case that is related to her own life.

Enola Holmes Becomes A Bit Confusing

As Enola Holmes deals with two cases at the same time the story becomes a bit complicated and confusing. The shift from the case of Enola’s mother to the case related to Tewkesbury was quite too abrupt and sudden.

When we compare the cases dealt by her brother and the investigation she does we find that there were not sufficient clues that the viewers could link together and follow the case handled by Enola.

enola holmes mother eudoria holmes
Netflix Enola Holmes( Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes)

The case of her mother could not capture the interest as it was dropped at the end. Her mother appears in her room and without answering the question of her disappearance she leaves from there.

Although the story could be justified in the context that this is the first investigation case handled by an inexperienced young girl. The movie, Enola Holmes tells the story of Enola and not her brother Sherlock. Enola draws inspiration from her brother and enters into his field. The story still remains interesting as it depicts another perspective of Sherlock Holmes.

Comparison Between Enola Holmes And Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular characters who always fulfills the demand of time and situation. He can very swiftly switch from one role to another. He can easily play the role of an action hero as seen in ( Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes) , or perhaps most sacrilegious in (Elementary). It is simply a delight watching someone who can mold himself into various roles.

Enola Holmes is, of course, talented like her smart and intelligent brother, she thinks that there is some reason behind her mother’s disappearance which she tries to find out after ditching her school.

While Sherlock is a complicated character who ponders over things most of the time, Enola is just the opposite of Sherlock. She suddenly forsakes her studies and move out of the boundary of her house and enters into the world of detection. However, she presents her bubbly personality by her hilarious looks and side glances and she is able to keep up the interest of the viewers.

Movie’s Abrupt Ending Loses The Interest

The subplot of the movie introduces to a young boy who is also working for women’s rights. while running away from the men who want to kill him, he comes across Enola. Enola decides to help the boy to find the men who want to kill him.

lord tewksbury
Netflix Enola Holmes( Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes, Louis Patridge as Lord Tewksbury)

However, in doing so she for time being gives up the search for her mother. Initially, the movie looks like one of those stories with two separate stories, that all unite at the end of the movie. But dismay about her mother’s disappearance turns out to be intentional as she was participating in the suffragettes’ movement on the sly, the subplot had no relation to the main plot of Enola’s mother’s disappearance. The ending of the story is abrupt and sudden as Enola’s mother appears for some time only to leave again.

Purpose Of The Story

It is the unexpected ending that undermines everything that Enola goes through in the process of investigating her mother’s disappearance. The main purpose of the story is to unravel Enola’s own skill that was latent until that time. She recognizes her inner talent and emerges as a new woman.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Commendable Performance As Enola Holmes

millie bobby brown
Netflix Enola Holmes ( Millie Bobby Brown)

Millie Bobby Brown’s performance in the movie is praiseworthy. Her amazing acting is probably the best thing that the movie has. It is really a delight to watch the energetic and confident performance of Millie Bobby Brown, Cavil, and Carter. Millie Bobby Brown is able to hold together all the scenes and is able to maintain the significance of the movie. Her commendable performance is one thing that will probably give her the chance to play other characters in the years ahead.

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