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Face App Controversy and Face App is trending all over the world & is also trending on social media as everyone accepted the #FaceAppChallenge by posting their aged photo on twitter.

Face App is Software which is available on both platforms Android & IOS this app works in a way that when someone clicks their selfie it is sent to the FaceApp server & applying the filter of aged it returns to user their aged selfie.

Face App has many filter like making anyone look younger, aged, and many more. Behind applying the filter of young, aged to the user image there is a lot process going on Face App uses A.I(Artificial Intelligence) & some strong algorithm of M.L(Machine Learning) to form N.F.T(Neural Face Transformation) this is the work behind making anyone old aged or younger.

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Tyser Gibson                        Ludacris                                                 Cardi B                                  Jonas Brothers

Face App is embraced by everyone in this world including celebrities, Athletes any more celebrities like Jonas brothers, Ludacris, Tyser Gibson, and many more in athletes like Bradley Martyn, Hunter Pence, Wardell Curry and many more have used this app & accepted this challenge on twitter.

Hunter Pence                                           StephCurry                                   LeBorn James

Using Face App & uploading on social media is fun, but there is some serious concern on privacy as this ask us to grant access to storage which will give the Face App direct access to all the photos from our phone to Face App Russian database.

Regarding the privacy of the Face App, there was controversy that Face App has not written in their privacy policy that how they are going to use the photo or what things they can access from the storage permission.

Face App Controversy led Many of them in twitter retarded the privacy policy of Face App like James Whatley said on twitter that the privacy policy of  Face App is a doozy as it doesn’t clear what they are going to do with our photos & access.

Lawyer in silicon valley Elizabeth Potts Weinstein tweeted on Face App controversy with a series of the tweet that Face App gives the company license to use our photos name for any purpose the want. Here is the series of the tweet which she tweeted.

The user mostly ignores this when grating permission so the people who were saying that the privacy of Face App was retarded wants to convey the message to us that we all should be careful while granting permission & to take a while to read the privacy policy. when this all was going on Face App didn’t respond anything to the report of U.S.A report.

Founder Of Face App —-Yaroslav Goncharov

Later Face App came with the reply that it may keep the photo which user decides to upload for the bandwidth, traffic, performance, to process an image faster if a user is repeatedly using the same photo for the different edits. it says that most of the image uploaded by the user gets deleted after 48 hrs by itself, makes clear that it doesn’t sell, share the photo’s which is uploaded to their server to the third party like Facebook did in past, also address that its R&D team is there in Russia & ensure that none of the user data is transferred to Russia. Face App Founder Yaroslav Goncharov confirmed that Face App uses A.W.S & Google cloud storage & cloud processing which are being performed outside Russia, Face App also says  that the user can request to delete their data from their server this can be done in-app setting then report bug and then in that with the name privacy as header write content I want to delete all my data from server & with this the request is processed & the data of user gets deleted from server.

Let’s have a look in brief what the Face App has said in regards to Privacy Policy.

👁Face App main team is in Russia but the team which is there is an R&D team which has nothing to do with data

👁Face App don’t sell/share the user data to the third party as Facebook did in the past

👁Face App store data for the Bandwidth, Traffic, Performance.

👁Face App can be requested to delete the user data by going in-app setting report bug & writing content “please delete my whole data from the server”.

👁Face App Founder said that it uses A.W.S/Google Cloud for storage & cloud processing which is done outside Russia.

👁Face App says that the data which is used by the user to edit is only stored in the server as to process faster

👁Face App says don’t have any sign-in option as many of the user skip sign-in option & it allows the user to use all its features without signing in.

So this was all about the Face App we will keep you all updated if anything else comes up with Face App. Stayed tuned for more Tech Stories, Latest News, Review on Android App, Review on Windows App, Review On Different Genre Website.

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