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This GMC Hummer EV come back hits everyone so hard and shook the internet. Everyone is talking about the New Hummer EV that runs on electric & has many unique features.

Revolutionary GMC Hummer EV
GMC Hummer Ev

New Lineups Of GMC Hummer EV

Hummer electric vehicle was the most awaited vehicle after Tesla Cybertruck. During a virtual event, General Motors surprised the audience with its new electric vehicle.

General Motors said that Hummer is going to develop under General Motors Truck Company GMC. General Motors unveiled the lineups in four-part, the first Hummer EV edition 1 will be on sale in 2021. This Hummer EV edition 1 is going to cost $112,500 approx.

The second edition of Hummer is Hummer EV3X which will on sale mostly in 2022 and going to cost approx $100,000.

The third edition of Hummer is Hummer EV2X which will on sale mostly in 2023 and going to cost approx $90,000

The fourth and final edition of Hummer is EV2 which will on sale mostly in 2024 and going to cost approx $80,000

Features Of This GMC Hummer EV Edition 1

This GMC Hummer EV edition 1 has the self-driving feature, Supercruise. This GMC Hummer EV has a great battery power that 10 minutes of charging can reach 170 km approx. The battery is divided in smaller part as other electric vehicle does so that it can charge vehicle faster. The battery of this GMC Hummer EV can connect to 880 volts for charging up.

gmc hummer ev
GMC Hummer EV edition

This Hummer EV edition 1 has a camera for front view, rear view, a bottom view so that user can cross that obstacle. A user can order this GMC Hummer EV edition 1 with a total of 18 cameras which is going to give the user a great experience of driving.

GMC Hummer EV edition 1 is an off-road vehicle too so it comes with Crab Mode and Extract mode. This mode works with the help of an air cylinder installed inside Hummer EV edition 1 for the uplifting car by 6inches so that it can pass through rocks & other obstacles.

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1

Hummer EV edition 1 inside has two screens first with a 13.4-inch touchscreen and second with 12.3-inch which is going to give a great experience of driving to the user.

Crab Mode

GMC Hummer EV Crab Mode

Talking about crab mode we know that crab can move diagonally and straight. So this function is applied to this Hummer EV edition 1 where all four-wheel moves in the same direction and moves the Hummer EV edition 1 diagonally.

This Hummer EV edition 1 can move diagonally only at low speed.

Extract Mode

Talking about Extract mode as mention above this mode works with the air cylinder. This uplifts car by 6inch that helps Hummer EV avoid rock boulders and obstacles.


Hummer EV Battery
Hummer EV

Talking about battery Hummer EV has separated battery into 24 small part Double Stacked Ultium Propulsion System for fast charging. The battery will give a backup of approx 546 kilometers. The total charging time of Hummer EV is 40 minutes.

Hummer EV has extra plating of steel to protect the battery from external damage. Hummer EV will be having 1000 horsepower.


gmc hummer ev roof
GMC Hummer EV Roof

This Hummer EV can be used as a normally closed roof car as well open roof car. The Roof of Hummer EV is completely detachable that gives a wonderful open-air experience.


History Of GM and Hummer

Hummer is known mostly for an off-road vehicle that is famous among the audience. This came into the market and became famous when Arnold Schwarzenegger drove the first H1.

Arnold Schwarzenegger drove the first H1
Hummer H1 2006

GM launched models of Hummer that were loved by the audience. After a few years, there was a degrade in customers and lost people interest in it. Due to this loss of interest made Hummer was unable to find any customer which resulted in production shutdown.

In 2008 due to financial problems, Hummer was unable to cope-up which resulted in GM ending this brand Hummer in 2010.

A week back GM said that it will be reviving Hummer back and in the event, GM announced all-new lineups of Hummer EV. Which shook the internet and brought back interest with this new electric vehicle model.

Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV

Both electric vehicle Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV shares almost common feature like Unibody construction, Unique C pillar which gives great shape and amazing performance.

There might be a price difference when the final product ships to the user.

Tesla Cybertruck and Hummer EV Models

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla CyberTruck

In its event unveil its Cybertruck Model which includes Single motor Cybertruck at $39,000, Dual motor Cybertruck at $49,000, and Triple motor Cybertruck at $69,000.

Coming to the Hummer EV model General Motor announced four models of Hummer EV. The first model is Hummer EV at $113,000, the second model is Hummer EV3X at $100,000, the third model is Hummer EV2X at 90,000, fourth model Hummer EV2 at $80,000 with respective motors as Tesla.

Buyer Expectation

The launch of Tesla Cybertruck & GMC Hummer EV has shaken buyers & drawn their attention. Buyers are now somewhat ready for an electric vehicle as Tesla electric cars are running.

Buyer expectation from these two trucks is that they need it to be strong so that it can carry the most load in its truck. The truck needs to have a powerful engine so that it can run smoothly with loads.

Future Of Electric Cars Market

Right now there are few companies who have jumped in the electric vehicle like Ford, Tesla, Hummer EV and has presented to buyer their best.

These three or four company is going to give great competition to each other when their final products ships to the buyer.

Electric Vehicle is just getting started, in upcoming years other car Companies will be jumping into electric car production. The market for an electric vehicle is going to be very competitive in the future.

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