We all know that Discord is a great platform and is highly popular among YouTubers and Gamers, sometimes there are problems faced by users and one of the problems is screen share and no audio, so now the question comes how to fix discord screen share no audio issue?

discord screen share no audio

Forever problems and issues The Almighty has provided us with the solution too, we just need to find that solution to solve the issue. For this Issue, there is some simple step solution which by applying your screen share no audio issue will be resolved.

Just Follow this article Step By Step to resolve this issue.

Reason Behind Discord Screen Share No Audio Issue?

There are can be many reasons for the Discord Screen Share No Audio Issue, the reason can be like Discord is not installed correctly, connectivity of cable might also cause the same issue and many other reasons cause this problem.

The most common reason behind discord screen share no audio issue is due to microphone setting and so now the question comes how to fix discord screen share no audio issue?, check the volume of the headset which you are using, if you have checked the volume and problem is still there with this setting then you can Follow the guide below Step By Step of how to fix discord screen share no audio issue?

What is the Reason For Causing This Issue?

Here are some of the reason that causes this issue.

Discord Voice No Route Error

This is due to no route to the microphone and which brings us again to the question of how to fix discord screen share no audio issue? So the answer is

  • To fix this no route error you need to ensure that your internet router is working perfectly fine as if it’s not working then this no route error will occur.
  • Ensure that the PC is connected to the internet through LAN or Wireless.
  • Ensure that your internet is working fine as you are going to experience a lag in audio
  • Check your audio setting as you need to change some audio settings to avoid discord screen share no audio issue

Unsupported Application

Discord doesn’t Support some of the applications like Google Chrome and Firefox, so if you are using any one of them then you will face this issue.

Start Discord App Correctly

This is not that big issue for causing the issue which we are discussing but sometimes this also can cause an issue. So for stating the app correctly you need to do is start the Discord app with administration permission. To start the application with administration permission.

  • You Need To GoTo the application Icon >>>> Then right-click on that icon >>>> you will find option run as administration

Antivirus Problems

Your Antivirus may also cause this issue as sometimes it blocks screens & audio due to which this issue arises, so check your Antivirus Program that it is not blocking any of it.

Incompatibility Stream

Sometimes screen share and no audio issue occurs due to the incompatibility issue and to solve this the streamer needs to have a capture card that is compatible and stream screen audio without any issue.

Audio Drivers

The issue occurs when the audio drivers which you have installed is not the right one or it’s not parsed properly or the driver is outdated. This might cause audio lag and related issues, so here now the question rises how to fix discord screen share no audio issue? so the solution to this is.

  • The very first thing is to check for the driver update and update it.
  • GoTo search bar >>> Type Control Panel >>> Click On Hardware and Sound >>> Click on Sound
  • After Sound opens the first tab you will see is Playback tab under that audio device next to the speakers and headphones box on the right side, now come to mic selection at the bottom corner of the windows.
  • If the mic is plugged in and you can’t see the volume bar rising then come to the properties and under the microphone tab check recording and press apply and done.
  • You have to ensure that you have done the above mentioned steps so that your device can take over control and the audio problem which facing will be resolved.

Audio Feature Issue

Some of the features of audio are Audio Codecs, Sound Card Drivers, Operating System audio settings.

  • Try to plug your headset in the right port if you are using the wired one. this might solve the issue, but if the issue still exists then
  • Try to uninstall the sound card driver and install a fresh one from the authentic website and restart the PC
  • Under Control Panel >>> Sounds >>> Try to disable things that are not in use, this might solve the problem.
  • If the audio issue still exists then try audio call/cellular call instead


How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Issue?

If the above Volume check doesn’t solve your issue of Discord Screen Share No Audio then try to check for Operating System updates as well Discord update as update plays a very important role in solving the issue.

Before the updates are pushed many of the old features stop working as there are changes in code and the addition of some new code and the platform starts working with the new code due to which you can face the issue and updating the software might solve your issue.

Reset Voice Setting On Discord

These are the Steps to reset voice settings on Discord

  • First, open the Discord app as Run as administration.
  • Now got to setting and GoTo video and voice.
  • Now the issue is no sound while screen share you are facing so reset the voice to obtain back the sound.
  • After resetting press confirm and your audio problem will be solved for sure.

Audio Drivers

As discussed above in the reason for causing this issue you need to update the audio drivers. To update your audio drivers follows these simple steps

  • Open search bar and search for control panel
  • Now GoTo Device Manager
  • There you find the audio section where you can check for an update
  • If an update is available then update your audio driver
  • After this, you have successfully updated your audio driver

If still problem exists then it might be possible that your sound card may be damaged. Check for the sound card.

Discord Activity

As you know that nowadays each and every application wants to know the activity you are doing so it might be one of the reasons that it is showing no sound error so the question again arises thats how to fix discord screen share no audio issue?, so to get rid of this issue you need to show Discord that what are you using or what you are playing so that Discord accordingly act.

To show Discord what you are doing follow these small simple Steps

  • First, open Discord as run as administration
  • Now open Discord Setting
  • On the left-hand side, you will find many things which you will find games
  • Click on games in that GoTo Game Activity tab and add Activity
  • Turn on the toggle button.

Normal Windowed Screen

When you open Discord in windows opens it in the full-screen window rather than opening in the normal screen. To open Discord in full screen you just need to right-click and select full screen. This full screen will allow you to hear sound normally.

Update Discord

Updating Discord will solve any issue which you are facing and will also fix the audio issue. The steps to update discord follow these simple steps.

  • Open Run window by pressing Win+R Key
  • Now type %localappdata% and press enter
  • Now click on Discord and click on Update.exe
  • Now it will update and restart Discord.

Run Discord As Administration

So running the Discord application as administration can be done by right-clicking on Discord and clicking on Discord run as admin. This will run your Discord app as administration but you have to repeat each and every time. To open Discord as administration without repeating the above steps Follow these few points.

  • First, you need to open the taskbar you can search the taskbar in the search option, or else you can hit CTRL+ALT+DEL
  • Now click on the processes tab
  • Yow will find Discord in the list.
  • Open the details of Discord on processes
  • Now click file >>> New task Run as admin
  • Select OK

Restart your PC

As mentioned above, we saw the reason behind this Issue but other than the discussed reason there are some extra background activities due to which these issues can occur, and if the issue is caused due to the other background operation then restarting the PC might solve your issue. So if the issue is due to background activity then just RESTART YOUR PC.

Factors On No Sound Issue

In my opinion, there are various factors that can cause this issue in Discord and the first convenient option which I felt is great is to restart your system and it solves your issue after this try updating your audio driver and check your sound card which could be the culprit or else try reinstalling the discord which is going to solve your issue.


Can I Share Screen On Discord?

Share screen option is available on Discord which when used allows you to share screen

How To Stream Chrome On Discord?

The default Screen Share will allow you to Stream Chrome on Discord

Can I Share Screen On Discord Mobile?

Yes, Discord allows you to share a screen on Discord Mobile.

Do Discord Have Screen Share Option?

Yes, The latest version of Discord has Screen Share Option.

How Can I Share Sound While Screen Sharing?

Normally you can’t share audio but you need to do is voice call for audio.

How To Share Audio On Discord Screen Share No Audio?

To share audio on-screen share you need to stop screen share then enable sound from the window and after selecting that press share.

Does Discord have In-Built Audio Sharing with Screen Sharing?

No In-Built Audio is not shared with screen share in Discord.

How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Issue?

Normally the Sound card issue is detected if there is no audio or else the audio driver is the culprit to cause this issue and normal bugs which cause this issue. Try to check all these and your issue will be resolved or else follow the above point in the article.

Steps To Fix No Audio Issue?

From your messaging window launch the screen share option and then select the sound from the setting and enable both video and audio and start, your issue will be resolved.

Is It Possible To Stream Netflix on Discord?

Yes it is possible to stream Netflix on discord


There are a few things that you can do in order to fix the Discord screen share no audio issue. First, make sure that your microphone is working properly.

Second, check the settings in Discord and make sure that the right input and output devices are selected.

Finally, try restarting Discord or your computer.

If all else fails, you can try reinstalling Discord. Hopefully, one of these solutions will fix the issue for you.

Thanks for reading!

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