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The new iPhone 12 will be launched in the upcoming Apple event which is most probably going to take place on October 13 and we are going to see many other products with iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 pro.

iPhone 12 event 13 oct 2020
Upcoming Apple event on 13 oct 2020

iPhone users are waiting for upgrading their old iPhone to new one & non-iPhone users are waiting to see what new Apple is going to bring in their new iPhone 12 & what else they are going to launch.

iPhone 12 New Upgrade

It is rumored that Apple will be bringing four variant iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 pro max. some of the upgrades which we are going to see are.

iPhone 12 series
iphone 12 series
  • Its Screen: All variants of the iPhone are expected to have an OLED screen which Apple calls it Super Retina XDR Display Technology. iPhone will be bringing its screen scratch resistance & impact resistance.
  • Its Body: All variants of the iPhone will be having a metal body will we all have seen in phone 4 & recent iPad body
  • Its Camera: All Variants will be having a triple camera setup as before with True Depth Camera System & will be having the same notch as before except the smaller one.
  • Its Size: It is said that the pro model will be having a screen size of 6.7 inch & non-pro model will be having a screen size of 6.1 inch & the smaller one with the size of 5.4 inch
  • Its 5G: All Variants for the first time will be having 5G enable & will be able to access the 5G network.
  • wireless charging: All variants for the first time will be having wireless charging enabled hopefully as this no so confirmed.

So this all-new upgrade which we will be getting in the new iPhone series.

Things Which can be excluded in this iPhone 12 Box

This time Apple is planning to exclude & might be excluded in the launch event. The power cable & power brick will now not be available in the box, instead, Apple will be making lightning bolt fast charger & lightning bolt fast cable which will be available separately & those who are interested need to purchase these things separately.

Apple has given their reason to exclude these items from the box, Apple said that the charger & cable which is given in the box is same for all iPhone due to which if an iPhone user buys new iPhone then the user already has the charger & gets a new charger & user threw away the old charger or give away to other which somehow lands in waste part means they are thrown away & which produce lots of E-Waste so as a result, Apple decided not to include charger & cable in the box to reduce that E-Waste.

What We Can Expect From This Apple Event

we all know everyone waits for Apple launch event as Apple launch some of the products which always amaze us so expectation from this Apple event is high so some of the product which we might see this launch event are.

Home Pod
This Apple event we will see Home Pod Mini
  • iPhone 12 series: This device always awaited ones as there is always a small update or a big update on the phone which changes the whole user experience.
  • Power Cable, Power Adapter: we will be seeing Apple launching separately these items in the launch event & which will be lightning-fast Cable & Adapter which will be 20w fast charger.
  • wireless charger: we will be seeing Apple launching this device as Apple is introducing wireless charging in their device.
  • Apple Air Pod: we might see this device in this launch event as there is a delay in launching this device, this device is going to be a great success.
  • Home Pod Mini: Again we might see this device launch in this event or next month, this time Apple is going to introduce Home Pod in a smaller size, which is also going to cost less


Some Light On Main Components

A14 Bionic Chip

iPhone 12 A14 Bionic Chip
Apple improved performance with A14 Bionic Chip

Apple will be providing in this device series 5nm A14 bionic chip which will focus on increasing the performance of the device, there is also a leaked image where it shows that the A14 Bionic chip much faster than the A12 Bionic chip.


The battery is the most important component which decides how many hours your device will be running according to the performance & consumption of the device.

This time Apple is providing a 3678mAH battery for the pro version, 2775mAh for the non-pro version, and 2227mAH for the mini version, the battery is almost the same as it was before but this battery will be enough for this device due to the increase in performance & battery saving technology.


Apple is going to improve camera system which is True Depth camera system which will be taking photos with great detail this launch event in one of its device Apple is going to launch 3D camera which is unique & will be awesome to test that camera.

iPhone 12 true depth camera
Apple improved their camera system

Apple is going to improve low light mode, night mode, HDR function in the camera and is also going to provide optical zoom functionality from 2x to 5x. 2x zoom will be available in pro 5x will be available in pro max.

Apple is also going to avail OIS which we know as optical image stabilization which is necessary for the camera to take a stable image & clear image as an android phone camera has.

Apple is going to use this OIS technology is completely in a different way we have seen until now that each camera lens has OIS & the camera lens with no OIS does not have stabilization.

Apple is going to apply OIS in the whole camera module which will work on all lens means that OIS is also going to help primary lens, ultra-wide lens & another lens, this is an electronic version of stabilization which I think we will first see in Apple.


Ram doesn’t matter much in Apple phone because 3gb ram is more than enough as its processor chip manage the performance very smoothly & device can handle big app & games smoothly without any lag.

But still, we will see Apple providing 4 & 6gb ram for their device in this launch device which will more than enough & will be able to handle the very heavy process without any lag.

Conclusion For This Apple iPhone 12 & Apple Event.

Apple is all set with all new device & their upgrade which will be quite exciting for all apple users & the launch of a new product like Apple Home Pod mini, Apple Air Pod will engage more users.

Apple 12 series phone is going to make all user go wow as small or big upgrade which Apple bring in their phone improves lots of things & that’s the reason why user buy Apple iPhone, As a result, this whole event & upcoming launches in upcoming months will keep the exciting users engage.

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