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iPhone launched its new model, iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 review has raised competition in the field of mobile technology. The phone contains various features and upgrades, along with a faster processor and improved camera.

This iPhone 12 has a new design, a new OLED screen, new charging and accessory with MagSafe and 5G. In the review, we get a feeling that apple and its carrier partner trying to introduce all the upgrades to this model.

This phone is available both at a high price that is $829 for the 64 Gb model and in discount price and installment plans. It would probably be difficult to sell this phone in the midst of COVID- 19 due to economic inflation.

Watch Trailer Here
Watch Trailer Here iPhone 12 pro

iPhone 12 has two variants, the iPhone Pro Max with improved cameras and iPhone 12 mini. If you are willing to buy a new iPhone, you should go for the standard iPhone 12 due to its attractive review, design, and innumerable features.

Let’s Take A Quick Glance At The Device


iPhone 12 has a very attractive design with flat sides and a flat-screen. This is a bit litter and smaller than the iPhone 11. Flat sides have replaced the conventional curved corners that the iPhone had been using for the last six years.

iPhone 12 New Design review
iPhone 12 New Design

It would really give a great feeling to the users of the iPhone 12 as they will feel something new. We can say that the phone is a throwback to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 since these were the last models of iPhone. With flat sides before iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 user has a great review for these flat sides.

Although the phone has curved corners, it is quite comfortable to hold. The brand new iPhone 12 has matte finish aluminum rails review. Its pro models have glossy steel aluminum rails. But to the customer’s dismay, the touch is super sensitive.

Ceramic glass

The back glass is super glossy and easily picks up fingerprints. They quickly respond to any small movement as ever. I would suggest the users put on a back cover to make the phone more comfortable to hold.

iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield
iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield

Coming to the screen that is not made up of glass, but a glass-ceramic hybrid material. Apple has called the material “Ceramic Shield.”. The ceramic crystals used inside the glass makes the screen drop resistant and almost non- breakable. Apple claims that the change has benefited the users as the screen repairing cost is really very high. The phone is scratch resistant as well.

Face Lock

The phone has a face unlock facility instead of a fingerprint sensor due to the pandemic. One thing that is quite interesting about the face unlock facility is that the phone can easily recognize the face.


The review of the iPhone 12 is unconventional, and that is what is making it more elegant to look at. The design of the phone is even different from the big iPhone X.

iPhone Evolution with Price & Size
iPhone Evolution with Price & Size

The size of the iPhone 12 is smaller than iPhone XR and iPhone 11 that is more comfortable to handle. It would not be a matter of regret if we would be living with this design next six years.


The OLED Screen Of iPhone 12 Review

iPhone 12 OLED Screen review
iPhone OLED Screen

The OLED screen has enabled Apple to reduce the size of the iPhone 12. The phone screen is the same as that of the iPhone 11, which is 6.1 inches. I found out that the OLED screen of the iPhone 12 is preferred to be review as the LCD screen because of its blacker black color.

The OLED screen has also enabled Apple to reduce the sloping edges; simultaneously, it seems perfect around the phone.

Apple has not only changed the screen from LCD to OLED, but it has also increased the pixel count to 1170*2532. Many iPhone users have earlier complained about the low pixel count on the phone that was never more than 1080 p.

Now the users have no reason to complain about the pixel count as Apple has increased the pixel count to a good extent. The users have got another area of argument, and they say that iPhone should have a higher refresh rate screen.

iPhone has never crossed 60HZ whereas other android phones at this price have about 90 Hz to 120 Hz refresh rate.

However, this argument is related to the technical field; you can feel it when you scroll down the screen. Apple has done away with this problem in the iPhone 12. iPhone 12 has got away with because the iOS is smooth.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro

Refresh rate is one basic difference found in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro. iPhone 12 has a more than 120Hz refresh rate screen while iPhone 12 pro has a refresh rate of less than 120 Hz.

However, the iPhone 12 pro has one screen advantage over the iPhone 12. somebody can reach the phone’s brightness to a greater extent on iPhone 12 pro.

This facility is absent on iPhone 12. I have never seen any iPhone user complaining about the screen brightness even outdoors. However, both the phones can be reached to a higher peak of brightness when watching HDR content.

Many users like the OLED screen as it has a noticeable improvement in contrast and HDR. the color of the phone is as accurate as ever.

All About MagSafe In iPhone 12

iPhone 12 MagSafe review
iPhone 12 MagSafe

One of the most interesting things about the iPhone 12 is MagSafe. Before we start talking about MagSafe, let us first know something about it.

MagSafe is a system of attaching things at the back of the iPhone with a magnet’s help. Somebody can easily use the phone accessories, like wireless chargers, cases, etc. can easily be carried along with the phone through MagSafe.

iPhone 12 MagSafe

The phone’s primary accessories include a wireless charger and a $39 puck that can easily b carried along with the phone. The phone has a second NFC chip that can easily identify the things that are attached to the phone.

When the phone is being charged with a MagSafe charger’s help, it will charge at 15 watts instead of the normal 7.5 watts. Therefore you should always keep a power bank of at least 20 watts.

Apple doesn’t provide a power bank with the MagSafe charger, but you can easily buy it from apple a 20-watt USB-C charger at the price of $19. You can also use your laptop to charge the phone.

However, the biggest disadvantage of MagSafe charging is that it is very slow. The phone can only be charged up to 40% in about an hour through wireless charging. However, this is slower than the faster wireless charging, and it is much slower than cable charging. Nonetheless, wireless charging is more convenient for the users; therefore, it is acceptable.


Let us now talk about the Apple puck. Apple made a very lightweight thin puck so that it can firmly attached to the phone. It also enables users to use it without any interruption.

 Magnetic Accessories
iPhone 12 Magnetic Accessories

Apple also provides the facility to create a charging puck for the other phone users, provided they should install Apple’s ‘Made for iPhone’ MFI program.

Other fast wireless chargers can charge the iPhone at the usual speed. New users must use an NFC handshake for faster charging.

NCF also lets the phone perform exciting things like when any accessory is attached to the phone, it will immediately light up a ring on the screen. For instance, for the blue case, there is a blue ring.

Apple claims that the MagSafe cases that it is selling can easily be attached and detached from the phone, but they do not fulfill the expectations of the users.

They are just like silicon cases from previous years. Apple has also provided a wallet that can hold three cards at a time. These wallets are properly shielded to avoid them from being demagnetized.

Although the facility is really very nice, the wallets need to be taken off in order to get a card out or for the purpose of wireless charging.

iPhone 12- The 5G Phone.

Apple is promoting 5G, and all the new iPhone models have 5G features. Apple has actually joined the 5G Hype Industrial Complex, and therefore it is trying its best to promote the 5G feature.

iPhone 12 5G
iPhone 12 5G

The 5G has provided a fast downloading facility to iPhone users. However, sometimes it is just a matter of being in the right place to get the full 5G speed.

The ultra-fast millimeter-wave known by the name, heck literally requires to be in the right place for its fast service. 5G network is yet not fully developed, in spite of the various promises made by the network carriers.

iPhone 12 5G

We really don’t know how long will it take for the 5G to work with its full speed. We can conclude that every person will definitely have a different experience, which will depend on the location, carrier, and data plan.

Every 5G phone will have the smart mode enabled. In iPhone 12, it might drop down to LTE speed unless and until Apple’s software feels that you need them.

It’s really very difficult to get the 5G speed since it is unknown what situations and circumstances will bump the network to 5G.

To sum up the 5G network, your iPhone will not work speedily unless the carrier directly works with Apple. You cannot make a manual change as you did earlier by just set APN and MMS settings to get a speedy network.

This, however, should not be the problem with the iPhone users since apple has worked with over 100 carriers in 30 markets.

iPhone 12 Worth-it Or Not

iPhone 12 is really a very good option for the buyers over the next year. In my opinion, if you want to buy an iPhone and are confused between iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12, I would suggest that you should go for iPhone 12.

Since iPhone 12 is a default phone, if you already have an iPhone working well for you, there is no urgent need to upgrade.

Whenever the time comes for you to buy a new phone, you should definitely buy an iPhone 12 because I am sure you are going to enjoy using it.

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