PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND and BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is right now the most popular multiplayer game in the world played by everyone in this world. The company behind this popular game is KRAFTON a Korean Company.

KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS is going to be the next big creation of the company which is most probably going to be the next worldwide popular game played by everyone.

Recently KRAFTON licensed a Korean novel The Birds That Drinks Tears written by Lee Yeong-do and KRAFTON has planned to make this its next big creation with KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS and creating a multimedia franchise too.

The Bird That Drinks Tears By Lee Yeong-Do

KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS has just started or you can say that its artwork is in the process which means this is in the earliest stage and right now its project is known as Krafton project windless.

Lain McCaig artist who worked on the project like Starwars, HarryPotter is re-owned by Krafton art director Kwang Jae Son, and Lain McCaig is currently preparing the full visual book for this series how this series is going to start.

How KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS (The Birds That Drinks Tears) Series Is Going To Be Different

KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS (The Birds That Drinks Tears) is going to be different from the Lord Of the Rings, Games Of Throne fantasy series. This series is going to focus on Korean traditions that are common to that culture, subculture, or group. This series is also going to focus on Korean Folk-tales, Fairy-tales, and a little Comedy.

Korean Novel The Birds That Drinks Tears wrote by Lee Yeong-do, The Charisma of this novel is you are going to find everything in this novel which you have seen till now in a Korean series. Imagine everything like fairy, Monster, Magic, Love Story, Drama, seriousness. The Series is going to be the complete package of the above mention things.

In This Series KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS (The Birds Drinks Tears), you are going to see the race of chickens & snakes which you have seen in other Korean series as the monster. Lee Yeong-do in his story has introduced many elements which interact with each other to create a totally different world.

Krafton project windless concep art chicken

You can take up any series from the present time, you will find something common, that is the story is portrayed in a mysterious manner where you are going to notice that characters are in Delima make story interesting & unique. Every one of you is going to witness this series KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS (The Birds Drinks Tears) same as the series described above & the Korean series of present time with more suspense, drama, and love.

These elements in the Novel, Series KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS (The Birds Drinks Tears) make it great & even more interesting. Lee Yeong-do is a great writer & his book theme changes according to what a reader holds Character values, Work values, Personal values, and other values. The value here means that a reader empathizes with which side of the novel more.

Visualization Of The Novel

Lean McCaig always looks for the part which connects each other & makes the entire series or the saga. Lean McCaig tells that visualizing this series KRAFTON PROJECT WINDLESS (The Birds Drinks Tears) is similar to the work he had done in past. He tells that the things or the part which connects each other & builds the entire series are part of detective work, some of treasure hunt part, some of archaeology part. McCaig Tells that the visualization of this series will be completed most probably this year, the visualization work will be given to the other different artists which will take this story ahead.

Lean McCaig adds that right now they are focusing on establishing the character, the world, and understanding based on the Novel.

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Krafton Aim for this series

Recently KRAFTON has announced that they are going to release a project animated PUBG directed by Adi Shankar, Krafton aim for this New Project series is much higher than any other project.

KRAFTON from the very beginning is taking this in a different direction and is finding other series from which they can get guidance for this NEW PROJECT WINDLESS (The Birds Drinks Tears).

KRAFTON takes the example of the Witcher game series which was original made in the novel. This Witcher game made the novel popular and made this novel acknowledge by everyone in this world. People from all over the world showered love to The Witcher series as it was released and received huge popularity.

Krafton popularity came from Players Unknown Battlegrounds Multiplayer game played by everyone around the world and now with this new project windless Krafton

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