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LG wing review has recently surprised all by its launch, a new smartphone that has wings. Don’t be surprised at what I am saying, but LG has tried to design a phone that looks like it has wings.

The name itself is suggestive of the fact that we are going to see something new in this smartphone. The phone can has a rotating design that makes it unique in the world of smartphones.

No other company had ever tried their hands at designing such a model. Perhaps LG Wing review, with its entirely new design, stands out in the market.

Although the phone costs $999, it is unsuccessful in catching the interest of the buyers. The company has failed to translate creativity into a phone that should be sold at this price.

LG wing review: it is quite expensive as the cost in the market is about $999, which is relatively high. The buyer could easily buy a brand new iPhone 12 pro or galaxy S20 and many other good phones within this price. Except for the new screen design, there is no additional feature in the phone that can make it stand out among others.

What’s New In LG Wing Review

Somebody can easily mistake the LG wing review for just another big sized phone. The phone looks similar to LG Velvet. LG wing review also shares a lot of features with its predecessor that is LG Velvet.

The screen size is 6.8 inch that is a bit smaller than the screen size of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In addition to this, the phone has a 9:20.5 OLED display. Although the thickness is about 10.9 mm, it is still compact and convenient to handle.

Lg wing review
LG Wing Flawless POLED Full Vision

All the credit here goes to the design of the phone. When you hold the phone in your hand, you can’t even guess that there is something extra to the phone. If the user doesn’t know about the LG wing, he would not even suspect that it has a wing.


Somebody can quickly unfold the wing with just a flick on the lower right corner of the phone. When you flick, you will find that the entire main display swivels up to a horizontal position. After bringing the main display to the horizontal position, you can easily see another 3.9 inch OLED screen hidden underneath.

LG Wing Mechanism

Hydraulic Damper

LG wing Hydraulic Damper
LG Wing Hydraulic Damper

The smaller screen can quickly be closed with just a little push, and the screen will glide smoothly and shut close with an audible small “snick.” the engineering applied behind this wing is quite interesting. the mechanism involves a miniature hydraulic damper

Jerry Rig Everything’s Tear-down

Jerry Rig Everything’s Tear-down has in detail explained about LG Wing review & the working of the wing. Although there are not many uses of the rotating wing, the concept is very new and exciting. However, no reason could justify its practical use.

LG Wing: Wing

As said earlier, there is not much use of the wings, and it does not make any sense to run the phone on the horizontal orientation in androids. Most of the users like to use their android phone in portrait position; therefore, the horizontal display of the LG wing review doesn’t make much sense.


The main display of the LG wing is vertical in direction, whereas the secondary display comes out in the form of a phone limb.

Most of the users have complained about the inconvenience while using the phone in a horizontal position with the phone’s wings stretched out.

It becomes awkward to hold the phone in that position because the phone’s significant weight lies in the horizontal position. The weight of the -phone is imbalanced when the wings are unfolded.


Best Use Of LG Wing

  • The best uses of the wings of the LG wing review is in gaming and watching videos.
  • Second important tasks can be benefited from the horizontal wings of the phone. Since it takes a little time to flip open the wings, the users feel it easier to use the phone in portrait mode.
  • The wings are beneficial in watching videos on YouTube on the one hand while texting simultaneously on the other.Practically there are only a few uses of the LG wing review than what LG imagines.
  • The best benefits of the wing is when you want to divert a bit from your work. It makes good sense in this case.
  • For instance, you can easily run two apps at the same time.
  • You can easily play the game on the horizontal screen, while on the other screen, you can keep a chrome window or YouTube.
  • If you have no concentration issue, you can also go through your Twitter account or Facebook while watching a movie.
  • You can also use the smaller screen to get information about the actors in the film.

LG wing software Benefit & Issue.

Most of the users have complained about the awkwardness faced by them while using the software in the wing. For instance, there are a few apps, LG’s built-in note-taking software, or music apps designed to benefit the two display systems.

However, support is not available in third party apps. It would have been better if more apps could take the benefits of the two display systems.


Gaming could benefit the most from this dual-display system as the gamer could easily open the maps or inventory on the second screen.

The second screen can also be used to see the next direction on the second screen corner.

LG Wing Gaming mode
LG Wing Gaming Mode

Somebody can also use the wings of the LG while using YouTube.

lg wing multitasking
LG Wing Multitasking

According to your wishes, useful media controls will appear when you are watching a video on YouTube. However, not many video apps offer such options.


  • The wings act as a hurdle because the screen occupies the volume keys on the side.
  • It isn’t easy to find out the volume keys because of the large size of the wings.
  • The volume buttons are the same in size as that of the power button; it contributes to the difficulty in finding the volume button.
  • Another problem faced by the users of the LG wing review is an in-display fingerprint reader situated at the bottom of the primary display.
  • The correct way to unlock the fingerprint reader is not by tapping on the screen, but the secondary display needs to be swung open. However, in doing so, the fingerprint reader becomes out of reach. LG is entirely aware of the problem.
  • When you open up the secondary screen, the Numpad appears on this screen under the thumb that creates another set of problems for the users.

Feature of LG Wing

Processor & Ram

LG Wing is powered by Snapdragon 765G, which has 8 GB RAM. 8GB RAM is enough for any phone to run smoothly.


The phone has a 4000mAh battery, which I think can easily last for about a day even when both the displays are used intensively.


Another important feature of the LG wing is that it supports 5G. It tested successfully that LG wing supports both the millimeter-wave and sub- 6GHz connections.

However, the speed of the 5G network was only a little better than the LTE network. Verizon’s mm-Wave network gives better speed, but this network is scarcely available.

The benefit of the wings can be obtained when your phone, like any other 5G network, supports an mm-Wave hotspot.

LG wing Camera

The LG wing has three back camera and a single front camera. The front camera is 32 MP, which is a pop-up selfie camera.

LG Wing Front camera 32MP
LG Wing Front Camera

Many users have complained about the problem faced by them in using the front camera. Since the display rotates, the camera needs to be properly placed where it should be.

Primary Camera

When we talk about the back camera, things become more interesting. The primary camera is 64 MP, whereas the other two cameras are a 13 – MP ultrawide and a 12 – MP ultrawide camera.

The 13 MP camera is used frequently when holding the phone regularly. The 12 Mp camera has a rotating sensor for the LG wing’s “gimbal mode.”

LG Wing Primary camera
LG Wing Primary Camera

The LG wing display system allows the use of two standard cameras when the screen is in vertical and in the horizontal position.

The main camera gives the best photographs with bright colors and extensive detailing.

But the phone has lost the battle in low- light performance as there are many phones that offer a better picture quality in low light. Although LG wings night mode improves the picture quality, the detailing is absent.


LG Wing Gimble mode
LG Wing Gimbal Mode

what catches the interest of the people is the new gimbal mode. The gimbal mode takes the maximum advantage of the wings. When you are clicking with the wings unfolded, the main display shows your photo, whereas the smaller screen has a grip.

The phone becomes all set to take a photograph with the wings beautifully unfolded. The gimbal mount is entirely software-based. The camera uses digital cropping rather than rotating around like a real gimbal mount.

LG Wing Gimble Mode Sample
LG Wing Gimbal Mode

LG has successfully used the software effect on the phone. It has kept the footage locked and stationary despite the motion. The footage is smooth and precise even when there is panning around the frame.

The unique features of the wing take place through software. LG can quickly provide wings to its other phones if it wishes to do so.


A few apps are suitable for the wings; one among them is Quibi that is similar to the gimmicky “Turnstyle” video format. This video format was created to switch between portrait and landscape version of a video.

Unfortunately, it looks like the LG wing has decided to meet the same fate as that of Quibi. People would not take much time to prefer other phones which offer better features to the LG wing.

The rotating display of the LG wing has captured the interest of the people because of its marvelous engineering and fun novelty. The innovative design of the phone is quite interesting and exciting in the world of mobile technology.

However, the LG wing’s innovative design cannot compensate for the other features that are missing on the phone.

When the same features are available in the phone at a lower price, why would anyone buy LG wing at a higher price? It’s very difficult to suggest anyone buy LG wing.

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