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The new MacBook Air 2020 is one of the best versions of MacBook Air, this time Apple has thought something & upgraded it so that the Mac user will be loving this upgrade.

MacBook Air 2020 consists of everything which a user thinks is necessary, this time Apple has brought it with 16GB ram with Quad-Core Processor which is far better than its previous version MacBook Air 2019. Apple will be updating MacBook Air with its new Mac OS 11 this year mostly or in 2021, Apple has maintained its thin design in MacBook Air 2020.

The price range which Apple has launched it’s MacBook Air 2020 is at $999 which less than MacBook Air 2019.

How is MacBook Air 2020 Better Than Its All Previous Versions

We all know how popular is Apple and their product, when Apple launched its previous version in 2018 it brought it with Retina Display & Butterfly Keyboard, but the butterfly keyboard was a failure because it used to get stuck & the repairing cost for that butterfly keyboard which resulted in the trust issue between customer & Apple.

In the year 2019, Apple again launched a better version than 2018 but was again unsuccessful to do so as the butterfly keyboard still existed & which was hated by the customer, when last year Apple Updated its MacBook Air it provided with intel chip inside which was not updated generation & cause problem in handling task & which made Apple Questionable about its production.

So now Apple launched the MacBook Air 2020 version which now gets rids of butterfly keyboard & brought the Scissor Switch keyboard which is better, Apple Also upgraded it’s MacBook Air 2020 with a 10th generation intel chip which will be now able to handle task smoothly. This makes MacBook Air 2020 better than its previous version.

What Do We Get In This MacBook Air 2020

In this Apple Air 2020 the base model comes up with 1.1Gzh with Intel i3 quad-core processor, this base model has 8gb of ram and 256gb of storage at the price of $999.

We get in this Air 2020 two Thunderbolt 3 ports, we get the whole new Intel Iris plus graphics, with this graphics Apple Air 2020 has the ability to run 6K video on it which is amazing.

macbook air 2020 thunderbolt 3 ports
Apple Macbook Air 2020 Thunderbolt 3 Ports

Apart from the Intel Iris Plus graphics and Thunderbolt 3 Apple provide a headphone jack which I think is the most necessary thing in a laptop and thanks to apple for not removing the headphone jack from Air 2020 as we see that nowadays Apple is slowly removing the headphone jack from its device.

Apple also provides double storage of 512gb ram with Intel i5 quad-core processor with the same Thunderbolt 3 ports, Intel Iris Plus graphics and a headphone jack at the cost of $1299.

How Good Is this New Scissor Switch Keyboard

We all know that Apple hasn’t changed the keyboard for a long time & which caused lots of problems like getting stuck dust getting inside the keyboard, noisy and if it somehow gets damaged you have to pay a great amount for that.

Macboor air 2020 keyboard
Apple Macbook Air 2020 Keyboard

So due to all this Apple for the first time brought this keyboard in which it has removed all flaws, keyboard is not going to be stuck, due to scissor-switch keyboard gets protection from dust, it is very smooth to type on this new keyboard, it reduces typing noise than before. This makes Apple Air New Scissor Switch Amazing.

Is This New Intel Processor Capable to do Reasonable Amount Of Task

intel 10th gen chips
Intel 10th Gen Chips

As Apple this time has brought a new and powerful Intel chip in its Air 2020 and which is quite surprising that the base model which comes with Intel i5 quad-core processor which handles the task smoothly without making any trouble. Apps like Photoshop, Premium Pro, and many others run smoothly.

There will be always a side where it is lacking something despite being so good, I will not say that it lacks something but if you are going to overload or if you are running a single app that utilizes most part of CPU, RAM then it is going to cause trouble, trouble in the sense that fan is going to speed up, it is going to heat up which is going to annoy some Air user.

All over the new Intel chip is good enough to handle a reasonable amount of tasks & the user is not going to face any problem.

Day TO Day Use OF Air 2020

If a user is using this new Air 2020 as normal then it is not going to cause any problem like speeding up & heating up, in day-to-day use it’s going to run smooth & the user loves smoothness so as result without any doubt this new Air 2020 is amazing.

Difference Between The Intel Chip Before & Now in Apple Air 2020

As mention above about Intel New chip, the Intel chip provided in the version of 2018, 2019 was no so capable of handling tasks & was having a heating problem which annoys the user a lot.

The new Intel chip provided in Apple Air 2020 is fast than its previous chip, it is capable of handling more task without causing any trouble, it doesn’t have any speeding fan issue & heating issue until the new Air 2020 is given max task to handle as max task or application which utilize most ram & CPU will cause speeding up fan & heating up.

Apple Air 2020 Battery, Display

macbook Air 2020 Display
MacBook Air 2020 Display

Apple claims to have a battery life of 11hrs once fully charged, but we all know how much a battery last if we use a laptop continues 5 to 6hrs, so accordingly this new Apple Air 2020 will also last up to 6 to 7hrs if used continues but then too Apple has improved its battery life. Apple provides a 30watt charger for charging which is quite nice

Apple provides in this new Air 2020 Retina Display & Apple calls its display to have a resolution of 2560×1600, it also supports 6K video playback.

If you haven’t a grab an Apple MacBook Air 2020 you can grab now.

macbook air 2020 base model
MacBook Air 2020

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