netflix cursed series review


Netflix brought us another awesome series Cursed, I was excited to watch this series as this was a bit different consisting of magical powers, Action, and suspense. This series Cursed is a portrayal of King Arthur which we have seen in so many different versions of movies & series and this Netflix Cursed series is one of them.

Promises Made By Netflix For It’s Series Cursed

Logo of Cursed
Cursed Season 1

Netflix hasn’t brought any interesting series for a while & then Netflix dropped the Cursed Series Trailer which was loved by most of the user, I am also one of the users & was excited for Cursed, Netflix Cursed series promised in its trailer that it will be full action set in middle age where there are Red Paladins from church who hunt down the single person who has magical power as they believe they are a danger for them on other hand there is the girl who somehow escapes her village from Red Paladins with magical sword & then there is the fight for that sword, Netflix promised this series to be so interesting.

Season 1 Is All About Magical Power Sword & Fight For that Sword.

Netflix Cursed series is all about a kingdom, a village where each one of them has some magical powers, Red Paladins and a magical sword, the series starts with Katherine Langford as Nimue using her powers saving herself from friends who wants her to be dead as the village people think that she is cursed & is bad for their village, the red paladins burns down every village with magical powers which they come across and last Katherine Langford as Nimue village was also burnt down.

Katherine Langford
Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford as Nimue has played her role very well, after watching an episode I was excited for the next episode cause of Katherine Langford acting, so when her mother gave her that magical sword & told her to deliver to Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin, Katherine Langford as Nimue in a scene realized the power of sword when Red Paladins sends their dog to find out if anyone is still running & alive.


There is some part where you will feel like skipping the part & moving forward but her acting will stop you from skipping that part where she meets Devon Terrell as Arthur.

netflix cursed series review
Nimue as Fae Queen

After half of the series is passed there is a chase for sword passing from Red Paladins to Nimue, Katherine Langford as Nimue announced as the first Queen of the sword Action scene comes in this part where Nimue fights with Red Paladins Army with that sword.

At the end of the series, Katherine Langford as Nimue & Fae kingdom people, Red Paladins, and Sebastian Armesto as King Uther Pendragon come together to get that magical sword which was of the first king.

netflix cursed series review
Katherine Langford as Nimue and Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin

Merlin & Nimue came to know each other where Nimue comes to some dark secret of Merlin, Nimue fights & with her friend and tries to save merlin who was hurt & was going to die, Merlin gets backs his magical powers destroying Red Paladins with that sword after Nimue was Shot by Emily Coates as Sister Iris who played the evil role as a member of Red Paladins.

What We Can Expect To See On Netflix Cursed Season 2

Netflix Cursed series is a package of action, suspense, and drama, this series is going to make you feel like what is going to happen next and is not going to make you feel boring, the place where you will, so Katherine Langford as Nimue is going to save your day, I am waiting for Netflix Cursed series to be renewed for Season 2 as we all going to see great action & some character role in action which we didn’t see in Netflix Cursed Season 1.

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