Netflix series Cursed has some unexplained side as in every series there is some part which is unexplained, this series is based on King Arthur Story which we all have watched so many times, on this story many movies and series are made which is moreover similar to each other.

Unanswered Part of Cursed Season 1

This Series unexplained side is that the story is based on the story of the King Arthur but this Netflix Cursed series is different from the original story in this series lady character is in lead, if this series story is same as the King Arthur story then this lady character may have a different role as at the end of the season the lady lead character Nimue is shot by arrow and fall in the lake, so this character needs to be explained more whether she is the one from the main story King Arthur or its completely different.

Netflix series cursed unexplained
Nimue falls in Lake after she was shot by Arrow

The second is Arthur I was amazed to see that how is this possible Arthur he needs to be King Arthur but anyhow he is not a king and in this series, he is a street bandit, the Arthur Character needed more focus after the lead character Nimue but the lack of focus, light, and type role made this character weak in front of an audience which was little disappointing despite the part played by the actor Devon Terrell was quite well enough.

Netflix series cursed unexplained
Devon Terrell as Arthur

The Third is Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin, we all have heard this character in many movies like Harry Potter, lords of the ring, and many more, we have seen there that Merlin is a great wizard of all time in movies and series, in this series, Merlin is portrayed same but has made this character mysterious & drunker who always drinks and stays always high.


Netflix series cursed unexplained
Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin

Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin has brought life to the character, he is the only actor who can do this role so perfectly. when Nimue meets Merlin she sees Merlin’s dark secret which he was hiding from her where he was monster slaughtering everyone but now in present, he is being nice and showing his good intention to Nimue by destroying that sword of power.

Due to character mysteriousness, it is very difficult to figure out what will be the next, End of the season we see that Merlin gets back his power and disappear in thin air, I am excited to see how the character will be portrayed in Season 2 and how the past of Merlin will be explained which Nimue saw when she meets him.

Although the series was a good package of action and drama still there is the unexplained and unanswered part which I think hopefully will be connecting & will be answered in the next season of Cursed

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