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Netflix Warrior Nun is an amazing action series when I saw Warrior Nun trailer I was excited about it. The Warrior Nun trailer consists of women in action fighting against demons threat in the present world & protecting the world.

Netflix Warrior Nun Series Inspiration & content:

Netflix Warrior nun inspired by warror nun areala comic book
Comic Book Warrior Nun Areala

Netflix Warrior Nun live-action series is inspired by a comic book Warrior Nun Areala which is great, it seems that this Netflix’s Warrior Nun is going to be more violent than the Comic book. Netflix’s Warrior Nun trailer shows us that we are going to see a combination of religious Nun who secretly is warrior & fight with the demon, the trailer also shows us that we are going to see various fight scene with sword, shotguns, fight between the technology & the faith in god. Each & everything is tried to make this series interesting, better show on Netflix

Netflix Warrior Nun is All About Conflict Between Religious Belief & Science and fight between Nun & Demon

Netflix Warrior Nun live-action is all about the Nun who are following the Church rules as well they are the fighter who fights with demons power and protect the world from it, in first few episode Warrior Nun shows the fight between demons powers & Nun in which the chosen one Warrior Nun who holds Halo is dead & accidentally Halo lands in the body of a dead girl & she returns to life, there is a lot of emotions & suspense that the former Warrior Nun Melina Matthews as Sister Shannon was not dead due to fighting but was planned & murdered. Another side Alba Bapista as Ava the dead girl who now holds Halo enjoys the life by doing whatever she missed before she was dead.

netflix warrior nun review
Warrior Nun Halo


After some episode there is run and chase where Alba Bapista as Ava who is non-believer, no Nun, and untrained don’t know to use her power run away from the church, Lorena Andrea as Lilith who thinks Ava is not the chosen one instead she herself is the worthy one and is after her for Halo on another side Toya Turner as Mary who is badass kicking everyone ass believe that she has some potential and chase her so that she can protect her.

Netflix warrior nun review
Toya Turner as Mary and Alba Bapista as Ava

The show doesn’t make audience boring as this all goes in a fast pace, end of the series becoming interesting as promised by Netflix’s in its trailer there is fight sequence where the use of shotguns, the sword is there at the end and Netflix warrior Nun makes suspense for the return of the second season.

Netflix Warrior Nun Unexplained Side

Netflix Warrior Nun also has a negative side where some parts are confusing like Thekla Ruten as Jillian Salvius who is billionaire working on the project for other realm or dimension where there is no pain, no sorrow, and no sickness, the matter of fact is that she has developed that portal but she doesn’t know where the portal will lead & don’t know how to power it, whereas the whole research is on finding that particular realm and she is not sure that portal will lead to that realm.

Netflix warrior nun review character Jillian Salvius
Billionaire: Thekla Ruten as Jillian Salvius

Second is that her son as in series a part comes that her son is born after so many experiments as she cannot become mother naturally, her son needs life support to stay alive and his cure is on the other side of the realm if her son cures are on the other side of realm means that her son who born after so many experiments, that experiment must contain other realm elements due which her son was born like that which is not cleared.

character Review of Jillian Salvius son Michel
Billionaire Son: Lope Haydn Evans as Michel

The third is the Lorena Andrea as Lilith who in middle of series was dragged to hell when there was a fight between demon and Lorena Andrea as Lilith, Toya Turner as Mary, and Alba Bapista as Ava. Lilith somehow returned back from hell & her character is not so clear that she is with their friends or with the evil as at the end of the season I see that Lilith is fighting against the demon, so her character is yet suspense what she is going to become in next season.

character Review of Lilith
Lorena Andrea as Lilith
Netflix Warrior Nun Renewed for Second Season

Although with all pros and cons Netflix Warrior Nun is good series to watch and doesn’t make you feel bored, there is someplace where you can get bore but Ava has our back and saves from that.

Netflix Warrior Nun Renewed For Season 2
Netflix Warrior Nun Renewed For Season 2

Netflix has renewed Warrior Nun for season second and I am all excited for it, my hope for season second is that there is going to more fight sequence and twist, turn. We all can just hope best for second season Warrior Nun

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