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Amazon Prime series The Boys Season 2 is great & I loved this series as The Boys Season 1 had ended with lots of unanswered parts & was not so interesting as The Boys Season 2.

How well is Amazon Prime The Boys Season 2

the boys season 2
Amazon Prime The Boys Season 2

The Boys Season 2 starts from the portion where it left in The Boys Season 1, Karl Urban who plays the role of William Billy Butcher is accused of murdering the former boss of vought Elishabeth Shue who played the role of Madelyn Stillwell in season 1.

The Boys member jack Quaid playing the role of Hughie, Laz Alonso playing the role of Mother’s Milk, Tomer Capon playing the role of Frenchie, Karen Fukuhara playing the role of Kimiko are hiding below a shop which is usually used as a restroom for the employees of that shop.

In Season 1 the boy’s member somehow found that these superheroes are not really superhero from birth instead they are just an experiment done in the lab, so in The Boys Season 2 member of the boys can get out of that hiding place if they can somehow reveal this truth to the world that they are just an experiment in the lab injected with compound V.

Introduction Of New Character In The Boys Season 2

Stormfront the boys season 2
Amazon Prime The Boys (Karla Risinger as Stormfornt)

There is the introduction of a new character in season 2 Karla Risinger playing the role of Stormfront who is the first person injected with compound V & is alive from the time when the Nazi existed, she is also known as Liberty before & has returned as a member of seven (a group of superheroes) with some mission.

victoria neuman the boys season 2
Amazon Prime The Boys (Claudia Doumit as Congress Spokesperson Victoria Neuman)

There is also the introduction of Claudia Doumit as Congress Spokesperson who has special powers as the group of Seven have. But her power is hidden till the last episode of The Boys Season 2.

rayn butcher the boys season 2
Amazon Prime The Boys (Cameron Crovetti as Rayn Butcher and Homelander Son)

There is also the introduction of the Homelander son who has the same power as Homelander.

The Season Is Quite Interesting As It Has lots Of Drama, Action, Love, Bloodshed, and Sex

In first few episodes Hughie & Annie also know as starlight makes plans to expose Vought by releasing Compound V due to which the seven member are called superheroes, On another hand the boys’ member contact the person to tell that they will be bringing out the truth but unfortunately she is killed by someone who has the ability to explode person’s head.

After few episodes William Billi Butcher makes shows & tells everyone how he was running & hiding, they are finding a boy who has special power & wants to catch that boy & hand over to a special force so that their records will be clean & at last will be free.

william billi butcher the boys season 2
Amazon Prime The Boys (Karl Urban as William Billi Butcher)

There are lots of bloodsheds & you can say a bit of sexual scene, William Billi Butcher gets the address of her wife & finally meet with her & convince her to come with him but was unable to do so, on the other side Compound V was out in the press and Hughie & Annie was successful in doing so.

Stormfront & Homelander the boys season 2
Amazon Prime The Boys( Stormfront & Homelander)

Stormfront annoys Homelander as she was making herself the face of The Seven than Homelander & he was pissed off due to this, she later tell truth about herself to Homelander that who she really was.

The Boys visit the Place where The Vought is making their own called super villains, there is a jailbreak in that place & all person with that Compound V gets out but unfortunately dies to one who has the ability to explode a person’s head & kills everyone present there.

Later in The Boys Season 2, they expose Stormfront as they somehow discover she was not what she was pretending to be, Homelander meets his son & testing him that if he has the same powers later Homelander with Stormfront takes away his son with him.

The time comes where The Vought or The Seven will be destroyed in second as someone from inside was going to just testify about the deeds of The Vought & Compound V, Unfortunately, that does not go well instead bloodshed happens.

Stormfront death scene
Amazon Prime The Boys (Stormfornt Last scene)

At the End of the Season there is a fight between The Boys & Stormfront where William Billi Butcher saves his wife & son, Stormfront stops the path & threatens them his son gets angry & laser Stormfront & here comes the end of Stormfront. Homelander can’t do anything as a member of seven have proofs about the deeds he has done so far & at last the member of seven comes back with Starlight who was announced as a traitor.

Some Roles which have less Part In This Season

Deep The boys season 2
Amazon Prime The Boys(Kevin Moskowitz as Deep)

The member of The Seven Deep who was removed from seven in season 1 is confused & somewhat depressed he gets a companion who helps him recover the situation & also promise him to get back into the seven, so in this season his role is doing the stuff which he was told to do in order to get back in The Seven.

a-train the fastest guy
Amazon Prime The Boys(Jessie Usher as A-Train)

The member of The Seven A-Train who is the fastest guy in The Seven has very few in this season due to his heart problem he is also removed from The seven, here both Deep & A-Train unites, Deep tells him that someone is there who can help him get back, A-Train at the end plays the role of sabotaging The seven leaking confidential Paper after knowing the truth of The Vought.

It will be interesting to see in The Boys Season 3 how much role playtime do they both get.

Love Is In The Air

hughie & annie kiss
Amazon Prime The Boys ( Hughie & Annie )

Hughie has feeling for Annie also know as Starlight, both of them know that they have feelings for each other, they both work for exposing The Vought & Compound V, Hughie also tells her about his feeling to her on voice call recording, there is the time when Annie gets in trouble & Hughie risk his life to save Annie, there are also few memorable moments in the middle of the season but at last they come together & Hughie tells her that he really cares for her.

In The Boys Season 3, it will be interesting to watch what turn will this two love bud relation takes.

Watch Trailer Here

Amazon prime The Boys Season 2 trailer

Lets Cut Short & Recap The Boys Season 1

Season 1 was a great launch For Amazon Prime as it was based on superheroes & was able to attract an audience for this series, In season 1 nothing was made very clear about The Seven, The Boys member as the season 1 revolves around William Billi Butcher who is finding his wife & is sure that the reason for the disappearance of his wife is Homelander.

To teach him a lesson William Billi Butcher call his partners who were before with him, Hughie somehow gets involved with them, they capture one member of The Seven & was even Successful in killing translucent, this made Homelander insecure that some are chasing them & trying to kill.

At the end of the season William Billi Butcher meets Homelander & tells him that he is responsible for his wife disappearance, he tells him that his wife is alive & having his son, Homelander kills the Lady Boss of The Vought & release in the press the William Billi Butcher murdered the Lady Boss & flew away.

The season ends here & continue the storyline from here itself.

Plans For The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 3 is going to be a lot interesting as the end of the season 2 has left us lots of question that what is now going to happen as in season 2 it has made clear that all charges from The Boys member has been cleared & they all are now free.

Unfortunately, William Billi Butcher’s wife is dead & somehow Homelander is responsible for his wife demise, William Billi Butcher is a person who is not just gonna spare Homelander for his deeds, I am sure he is gonna make a powerful statement in The Boys Season 3.

It will be interesting to watch the Congress spokesperson character whose power is revealed at the end of the season that she can blow up someone’s head, what’s her next plan because in season 2 she was seen protesting against The Seven, Homelander & it will very interesting to watch that what will be she doing.

When We Can Expect The Boys Season 3

As we have seen the first season shooting was ended in October 2018 and was released on Amazon Prime in July 2019 & the second season shooting was ended in September 2019 and was released on Amazon Prime in October 2020.

According to a website IATSE 873, there is confirmation of shooting starting date & ending date, The shooting is going to end on August 2021 so according to the previous Season shooting end date & release date we are most probably going to see The Boys Season 3 in October or November 2022.

What New/Old Character We Will Be Seeing In The Boys Season 3

The Boys member Hughie, William Billi Butcher, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, Kimiko, and you can say Annie as Starlight also a part of The Boys member will be seeing them again in The Boys Season 3, there is very less chance that anyone one them exit.

we are going to see Homelander with the other six superheroes for sure in season 3, There is very little chance that anyone of them will be exiting the show. There might be the introduction of a new character as SuperVillan & Superhero.

There is a confirm entry of a Superhero I think, Jensen Ackles who is on Supernatural TV Series, on his recent post on Instagram where he gave spoiler that his current series which he is working on Supernatural is going to end so what will be he doing after that, here is the spoiler which he gave.
The spoiler of The Boys season 3

So yes The Boys Season 3 is also going to be the exciting one which will be worth watching.

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