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The Umbrella academy season 1 is streaming on Netflix worldwide. If you want to have a sneak peek of the Umbrella Academy Season 1, you can check the video.

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This time Netflix has introduces a new superhero franchise. The series is more bloody, twisted, and unpredictable than any other adventure series. The television series is entirely based on “Series of the Same Name,” a comic book written by Gerard Way.

Netflix had earlier decided to jettison marvel properties, but it has considered The Umbrella Academy season 1 to be incomparable to any other shows that try their hands at different things.

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Plot

The story of The umbrella Academy season 1 revolves around a family of heroes, and all the heroes are dysfunctional. All the heroes have the task of saving the world from being completely destructed. These heroes are brought together by a billionaire and are given this task.

The umbrella academy has many elements that are common with the comic series of Gerard, DC’s Doom Patrol. It is ironic that Netflix launched the series on the day DC Universe debuted the NSFW adaptation of Doom patrol.

This series is heavily influenced by the comics of Grant Morrison, which also influenced and inspired Gerard Way.

Two Series Released On Netflix On The Same Genre

In the year 2019, Netflix had released two famous series on the life of superheroes. Both the series are based on comic books. The umbrella Academy and Doom patrol are the two series that blend humor with exciting storytelling.

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These two Netflix series breaks away from the convention of already present genres. In addition to this, the way of delivering the episodes also differs from tradition.

DC will present its debut of the recent episodes of Doom patrol weekly as opposed to the normal convention of Netflix’s binge mode. This gives time to the viewers to compare and contrast the different approaches. I think the Umbrella academy has already created a landmark that none of Marvel’s streaming videos were able to create.

Story Of The Umbrella Academy

Let’s now have a look at the story of the Umbrella Academy. The initial episodes of the Umbrella Academy introduced its audience to the seven heroes, the children of the same family who were adopted.

The Umbrella academy season 1
Seven Children Super Heroes

To be accurate, these seven children were bought by Sir Reginald Hargreeves when they were small kids. Somebody raised them in the world-saving team. However, they got estranged from one another when they grow up because of the troubling family dynamics.

The initial episodes of The Umbrella academy give lots of information about the seven heroes. However, the series is successfully able to engage the audience in its exposition part due to its wonderful cast and a few adventures.

There is no doubt that the soundtrack is amazingly soothing and interesting throughout, which adds energy to the most boring scenes.

Seven Heroes Of The Umbrella Academy

All the seven heroes of The Umbrella Academy are bestowed with qualities that make the audience love. The beginning with Tom Hopper, who is very strong (aka Number 1), to Robert Sheehan’s mischievous Klaus(Number 4), who can talk to dead people. And the seventh hero, known by the name Ellen Page’s Vanya, can play the violin very well. However, she has spent the major portion of her life without the influence of her powerful siblings.

Beginning Of The Series

All the heroes of The Umbrella Academy season 1 are a part of a cosmic fate. All of them were born at the same time, which consists of a large group of 43 children. But only seven children were considered part of The Umbrella Academy.

The seven heroes were born to different mothers in different parts of the world on October 1, 1989. One of the interesting facts that you should know is that their mothers were not pregnant before they gave birth to their children. The reason, however, is revealed in the story.


Hargreeves was aware of the birth of these babies. He bought the children from their mothers by paying a small sum of money. He gave them the original names after buying them, but he mostly used numbers to call his adopted children.

Reginald Hargreeves umbrella academy
Sir Reginald Hargreeves

All the children of Hargreeves have some powers in their hands except one. Vanya is not bestowed with any power in her hand.

Suppose you have read the comic book The Umbrella Academy. In that case, you will really adore these superheroes’ powers because the way they manifest and execute the power is really amazing.

But if you have not read the comic book of The Umbrella Academy, you are going to enjoy the series the most. You will definitely find it exciting to find out the various powers that each child is given.

Since Vanya is deprived of power, she is interpreted differently by each of her siblings. Some of the siblings want to protect her and want to comfort her by coddling her. While others think that she is useless as she is not part of the battle. They do not consider her an important part of their lives.

Key Character Of The Umbrella Academy

One of the most important characters in the series is Aidan Gallagher, the fifth hero in The Umbrella Academy season 1. Most of the part of the story reveals the life journey of Aidan Gallagher.

Aidan Gallagher 5th Hero Of The umbrella Academy season 1
Aidan Gallagher 5th Hero Of The umbrella Academy season 1

He is a time traveler who has traveled into his old age after being trapped in the future, but he is currently stuck in his teenage. He is the first hero to witness the forthcoming destruction of the world.

The arrival of the fifth hero, Aidan Gallagher, in The Umbrella Academy Season 1 acts as a driving force in the plot of the series. He has perfectly balanced the worldly and outer worlds without even getting worried about it.

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Series is Quite Interesting After Few Episode

When you have watched a few episodes, you will realize the fact that the 15 years old actually is an old man in a teenager’s body. What makes these episodes more interesting is the hero’s sarcasm in combination with Sheehan’s lunacy.

While the story of The Umbrella Academy is very convincing, the conversation between the siblings appears forceful. This is one of the major drawbacks of the series since it gives the impression to the audience that the series is an afterthought.

But you will really enjoy watching The Umbrella Academy as you will be trying to find out the various kinds of hostility, rift, and connection between the characters present in the series.

Everyone of You will find it even more interesting to learn about the siblings, how they got separated and fragmented as a team. You will try to find a few hints and clues to understand the things leading the world towards the apocalypse.

Second Hero Diego

Diego (David Castaneda) 2nd Hero Of The umbrella Academy season 1
Diego (David Castaneda) 2nd Hero Of The umbrella Academy season 1

The second hero known by the name Diego (David Castaneda) has spent the major portion of his life trying to come out of Luther’s influence. He is a serious character since he carries a lot of pain in his heart. He lives alone and is disheartened at his fate.

Third Hero Lampman’s Allison

Lampman's Allison Third Hero Of The umbrella Academy season 1
Lampman’s Allison Third Hero Of The umbrella Academy season 1

Similarly, the third hero known by the name Lampman’s Allison stands as an exceptional character as she tries to learn from her previous mistakes. Her relation with both Luther and Vanya makes the Umbrella Academy Season 1 more interesting.

Everyone Gave Their Best In This Series

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 contains a lot of action scenes that are filmed using a kinetic, visually inventive flair split-screen and constantly moving cameras.

The different movement of various cameras gives momentum to the scenes without confusing the audience. There is the implementation of cinematic effects and thrilling visual effects in the series, such as Weta’s work on Pogo, Sir Reginald’s assistant, a chimpanzee.

How The Series Lost Audience Interest

Unfortunately, The Umbrella Academy season 1 has not been successful in creating a landmark like other series like Deadpool or Doom patrol.

The Umbrella academy season 1 is deprived of a good sense of humor. The entire series has a humorous element in it. This gives the series a playful and sometimes a sickly attitude.

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 loses the internet of the audience in the middle of the story. However, this is a common drawback found in most of the Netflix series.

The story becomes a bit confusing and tricky to understand. Besides the main characters, there are a few supporting characters like the helpless cop, Detective, and Vanya’s love story Leonard.

Although The Umbrella Academy Season 1 revolves around superheroes’ lives, the emotion and the storyline are very convincing. The true beauty of The Umbrella Academy Season 1 is revealed in its cinematic technique and thrilling vision.

The story shows how a group of people come and work together with their painful pasts and simultaneously realizing that it’s a harder and a bigger task to forgive one another.

The Umbrella Academy season 1 reveals the universal truth that there are some people in this world with whom you have shared your life.

It does not matter how hard you try to forget them and ignore their influence on your lives. They are still your family. Whether they have changed your life for better or worse, they are a member of your family.


Therefore we can conclude that The Umbrella Academy Season 1 will be the right choice for Netflix. Although it has certain flaws, those are minor. The exciting storyline will definitely be able to maintain your interest throughout the series.

I would suggest you watch the Umbrella Academy season 1 even if you have read the comic book.

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