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WatchDogs Legion release date is going to surprise all gamers on date 29 Oct 2020. Last year Ubisoft said about the WatchDogs release date that was delayed due to some issue.

WatchDogs Trailer Here
WatchDogs Legion Game-play trailer

This WatchDogs Legion is the third installment of Ubisoft and it is a sequel of WatchDogs 2. Ubisoft in its event gave spoiler that this WatchDogs Legion is going to be different from others. In its event, Ubisoft told that it is based on city London with the task for gamers.

As now the release date of WatchDogs Legion is very near, and this game is going to change perception. In WatchDogs Legion Ubisoft has introduced the character that will change the experience of gaming.

Release Date Of WatchDogs Legion

WatchDogs Legion release date, Ubisoft announced last year 2019 but delayed due to some issue. After the delay release date sifted to this year March 2020 but again delayed due to some issue.

Finally, we will see no more delay as now the release date is shifted to 29 Oct 2020.

Different Platform Release Date For WatchDogs Legion

WatchDogs Legion is going to release on different platforms like XBOX X-Series, S-Series, PS5.

Release Date For XBOX Series

xbox watchdogs legion release date
XBOX S-Series

WatchDogs Legion will release in XBOX X-Series and S-Series and the release date is 10 of November.

Release Date For PlayStation

ps5 watchdogs legion release date
PlayStation PS5

WatchDogs Legion will release on Playstation PS5 and the release date for PS5 is 24 of November

Ubisoft confirmed that the user will be getting next-gen update who purchase the game.

WatchDogs Legion Plot

Ubisoft aims from the beginning when teased WatchDogs Legion last year to make it different from all other games.

Ubisoft has set this game in a dystopian version of Brexit London. Further informed that choosing London is the best choice for the game as London is highly under surveillance. This makes London a highly secure city & also a perfect area for any game that chooses London in their game.

watchdogs legion
Ubisoft WatchDogs Legion London Plot

In this game, the environment and technology are altered and are far smarter than today’s technology. During the event, Ubisoft teased that gamers can play as the character & has the ability to swap the character to Non-Player Character.

In WatchDogs Legion if a character is Busted or hospitalized then that character will be lost forever. The Character available to the user will be young to old with special ability in it.

2019: Very First Gameplay of watchdogs legion
Very First GamePlay of Watchdogs Legion 2019

Ubisoft worked hard to make this game different from other therefore WatchDogs Maps has size is expanded from Camden to Brexit. This Map extension makes the game map huge. Huge Maps bring more tasks & make the game more interesting.

This time game focuses on a Hacker who has the mission to liberate the city with the help of recruiting members.


PreOrder Your WatchDogs Legion

WatchDogs Legion Feature & NPCs

Ubisoft connect app helps in cross-play and cross-save in-game. Ubisoft made this app free for all. This app actually works like a multiplayer where one player interacts with other player and give a better experience in-game.

watchdogs Non-player character
Ubisoft WatchDogs Legion Non-Player Characters

Talking of the Connect app yes this game has multiplayer mode played with the help of the connect app. This has the feature of recruiting players which I think is the non-player character and is going to help you in-game.

How A Player Can recruit

Ubisoft informed that every member of London in-game has a background and has a special ability. These members can help a player fight against the ruling person of London.

The way you can recruit them is by performing some tasks for them so that they can be free. After they are free they are going to be with you in a fight with DedSec ruling over London.

There is a feature when you recruit a member you can assign them with anyone special ability given in-game.

Special Abilities In-Game for Recruited Members To Fight Against DedSec

watchdogs legion non player character enforcer
Ubisoft WatchDogs Legion Enforcer

Enforcers are furious and deadly as they carry the heavy weapon. This weapon is for the DedSec fight. Talking about destruction Enforcer is best at it. Enforcer skill is to cause destruction. its skill is also to power-up players and protects from damage.

watchdogs legion non player character hacker
Ubisoft WatchDogs Legion Hacker

Hacker hacks technology to make them do as they want. Hackers help the player by distracting the enemy and attack with its full force. Hackers take over the machine, technology, and attack the enemy silently.


Infiltrators are the same as Enforcer that cause destruction to the enemy but with one unique feature. The unique feature is not getting caught by the enemy. Infiltrator skill is to attack the enemy from long range with silence, recognize the enemy, and attacks silently.

So these special ability given to recruited members by players helps to fight with DedSec.

System Requirement For WatchDogs Legion And Other Upcoming High-End Games

Ubisoft has revealed the system requirement for watchdogs legion. Ubisoft mentioned on its official website about the configuration from low to high.

Low Configuration For Watchdogs Legion
amd radeon r9 290x
AMD Radeon R9 290X

Watchdogs Legion low requirement is that it needs a minimum CPU of Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400, Minimum graphics of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 290X, Minimum video ram requirement is 4GB, Minimum Ram of 8GB, Minimum storage of 45GB, and Operating System Windows 10 64bit.

Ultra Setting For Watchdogs Legion
Nvidia RTX

The minimum requirement for the ultra setting is that it needs a CPU of Intel i7 9700K or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X but if you still run less than i7 the game is still going to work. Ultra setting needs graphics of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI or AMD Radeon 7. This needs a video ram of 11GB, 16GB Ram of dual-channel setup. Storage of 45GB with 20GB of HD Texture Pack and Operating System Windows 10 64bit.

Ray Tracing on 4K And Ultra Setting For Watchdogs Legion
and radeon 7
AMD Radeon 7

For this setting, it requires a CPU of Intel i7 9700K or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X but you can use more than this for smooth performance. This needs graphics the same as the ultra setting but you can opt for higher graphics for liquid performance. This needs video ram and Ram the same as the Ultra setting but go for the higher due game update as game update always brings changes. Storage and Operating System is the same Ultra Setting.

Visit the Ubisoft website for the rest System Configuration for Watchdogs Legion.

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